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The operators and design companies must be very clear and confirming the intention and special needs of the design of the showcase to establish a consensus consensus. The design company fully understands the connotation of operators or a certain brand characteristics: including their corporate culture; target customers to purchase behaviors, psychological, preferences, occupations and other consumer needs of all parties; Wait, provide creative design foundation for the design of jewelry showcases. Detailed survey on the site to understand the spatial location and architectural structure, facilities (sky, land, walls, columns, lighting, ventilation, channels, stairs, etc.

) of the store in the shopping mall. This is the effective use of planes and spaces for design showcases to display products, attract customers and display brand images, and provide the basic foundation of design. The following introduction of Suzhou display cabinet manufacturers will be introduced.

From the perspective of market development, as modern logistics and storage shelves have strong comprehensive functions, the market demand growth of the jewelry showcase has increased steadily. The investment of major shelves manufacturers in technology will increase, and technical updates will be faster. Most domestic demand is concentrated in the economic developed coast and large and medium -sized cities, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Changchun and other areas and its surrounding areas.

The industry is relatively concentrated in machinery, automobiles, electronics, medicine, logistics and warehousing. Especially with China's successful joining the international trade organization, the state's emphasis on the development of logistics and jewelry showcases and the substantial increase in capital investment have increased its demand for modern logistics storage shelves. Due to the high technical content of the shelves and the large safety factor, domestic jewelry showcase manufacturers rarely have this production capacity.

It is believed that with the rapid growth of China's economy and the growth of the logistics industry, the development prospects of modern logistics warehousing jewelry exhibition cabinets will become better and better in the research and development of various products in the industry. In various fields such as machinery, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electrical power, clothing, book distribution, military industry and other fields. With the international economic integration and successful joining the International WTO, my country's economy has developed rapidly.

The introduction of the concept of modern logistics has also made the storage forms in all walks of life diversified, stacked brackets, ordinary shelves, mobile shelves, heavy shelves, sailing shelves, high -rise shelves, jewelry showcases, automated three -dimensional warehouse jewelry showcases Logistics equipment and facilities are generally used in various enterprises. Among them, high -quality jewelry exhibition cabinets with high efficiency, high storage density, freedom of goods, and mature technology have won the general favor of many users. Shanxi Youchang Zhan cabinet believes that 60%of the world's elevated storage in the world is distributed in Europe, but the Asian market, especially the Chinese market, is rapidly rising.



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