Talent segmentation and knowledge structure requirements for the showcase industry

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The showcase belongs to the comprehensive system project, and the exhibition activities involve many fields. The value chain of the exhibition industry includes convention and exhibition activities, marketing promotion, on -site service management, travel and lodging arrangements, conference business convention and exhibition design, material and material transportation, data printing and performance, publicity advertising arrangement, venue construction and operation, exhibition materials customs clearance, exhibition cabinet convention and exhibition exhibition Effect statistics and other activities. To successfully hold a meeting exhibition must comprehensively and arrange all activities.

Organizers of exhibition activities need to have multiple comprehensive knowledge, and to master all aspects of knowledge, political science, economics, management, law, statistics, etc. However, the exhibition cabinet activity requires the cooperation of multiple types of professional talents. The exhibition talents are a general concept.

According to the differences in the requirements of exhibition organizations and service activities and the differences in general professional knowledge structure, the professional talents of the showcase can be roughly divided into: theoretical research talents engaged in macro management and policy coordination, the overall planning of exhibition activities and the project operation of the exhibition activities Talent services that provide special services to exhibition activities to provide talent services to provide talents and exhibition venues construction and operation venue management talents. According to relevant information, there are more than 1 million employees in the exhibition cabinet industry. According to relevant media reports, in recent years, especially after entering the 21st century, my country's convention and exhibition industry has developed very rapidly, and the annual growth rate has exceeded 20%.

The construction of the exhibition infrastructure has been greatly accelerated. Many cities have been completed, or are being built, or they have been planned to build a large number of conventions and exhibition places. If this is based, in the future, the Chinese convention and exhibition industry will add at least 200,000 new employees each year.

However, here are the following issues to remind people to pay attention to the following issues: First, the accuracy of data statistics, as far as I know, the statistical system of the exhibition is still in the process of exploration, and the labor and personnel department does not seem to have no conference exhibition industry employment employment. Specialized statistics; second, the segmentation of talent professional knowledge structure is actually the subdivision of the exhibition talent market. How large is the size of different types of markets after subdivision and how much it can occupy it in it, it is worthy of careful examination Third, the specifications of exhibition talents are staggered.

It is not a university undergraduate. It requires high -level research talents, and also requires comprehensive management and operation to coordinate talents. Subdivision complexity.



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