Suzhou traditional Chinese medicine cabinet manufacturers tell you: How to choose Chinese medicine cabinets

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The prevalence of health care has allowed many pharmacies to start selling Chinese medicine, and even the services to provide Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, successfully attracting customers to spend. If your pharmacy also plans to operate Chinese medicine, then you must choose a suitable Chinese medicine cabinet. The traditional Chinese medicine cabinet is not only used for display, but also plays the role of storage and protection of medicinal materials.

How to choose a Chinese medicine cabinet? Today I will talk to you about 6 steps to buy Chinese medicine cabinets, let's look down together. Step 1: The appearance of the appearance of the Chinese medicine cabinet of the Chinese medicine cabinet directly affects the first impression of the customer, so first of all, you must choose the Chinese medicine cabinet with exquisite appearance and the overall decoration style of the pharmacy. The editor summarized the three styles of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets: traditional style: although the design of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets is simple and unrestrained, it retains the thick texture of solid wood, leaving an antique and ancient charm.

If you pursue traditional and simple pharmacies style, then this kind of Chinese medicine cabinet is very suitable. Gorgeous style: The use of Tongrentang Pharmacy is the most representative gorgeous style Chinese medicine cabinet. On the basis of the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, the decoration of light boxes, light strips, and hot gold plaques has been added.

Golden Chancan's light makes Chinese medicinal materials more expensive, suitable for chain pharmacy with large area and overall pursuit of gracefulness and luxury. Modern style: Modern style Chinese medicine cabinets are simplified, retaining the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets, but the design of the cabinet body is more concise, and the color matching is brighter and brighter. Step 2: Choose the style of the Chinese medicine cabinet of the Chinese medicine cabinet, which determines the way of displaying the medicine and what kind of medicinal materials are suitable for display.

When choosing a pharmacy operator, you can choose different traditional Chinese medicine cabinets according to the types of Chinese medicinal materials: medicine -type Chinese medicine back cabinets: suitable for stored in bulk traditional Chinese medicine materials, and it is also a shelf for displaying traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal materials. Each medicine bucket becomes a drawer, and the separation of the medicinal materials will not destroy the medicinal properties. The fully enclosed storage method avoids the traditional Chinese medicine front cabinet of traditional Chinese medicine in the dust counter: suitable for displaying Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and other boxes of Chinese medicine.

It needs to be matched with Chinese medicine. Put back on the back cabinet together. The design of the glass cabinet shows the Chinese medicine to the customer at a glance, and at the same time plays the role of the operating table, so that the clerk is convenient to pack the medicine for customers.

Layer -style ginseng cabinets: If pharmacies need to sell those expensive nourishing gift boxes, this ginseng cabinet is the best choice. The gorgeous appearance will make the ginseng expensive details more beautiful, and it has the effect of enhancing the value of the product. Step 3: The material of the Chinese medicine cabinet is in the impression of most people.

The common ones are wooden Chinese medicine cabinets, but in fact, there are three types of Chinese medicine cabinets: steel, wood and solid wood. Next, I will introduce to you, what are the differences between Chinese medicine cabinets of different materials: Steel Chinese Medicine Cabinet: Steel Chinese Medicine Cabinet is made of stainless steel as a whole, which is very sturdy and durable. It can also be used to display bulk Chinese medicine medicinal materials.

Steel traditional Chinese medicine cabinets are slightly weak in appearance, but the price is cheaper, which can save a lot of purchasing costs for small pharmacies. Wooden Chinese medicine cabinet: Wooden Chinese medicine cabinet, made from environmentally friendly high -quality plates. Through various wood grain decorations, traditional and modern styles can be achieved.

Compared with the solid wood Chinese medicine cabinet, the price is relatively close to the people, the multi -color wood grain is available, and the decoration is more flexible. Solid wood paint Chinese medicine cabinet: The cabinet of solid wood paint Chinese medicine cabinets is made of natural solid wood. After the painting process treatment, it can achieve a beautiful and atmospheric display effect.

Because the price is relatively expensive, it is not recommended to use small and medium -sized pharmacies. It is suitable for the use of flagship stores or traditional Chinese medicine museums suitable for large chain pharmacies. 第四步:检验制作工艺选择中药柜时,小编总结了“一摸,二看、三闻”这个小技巧,来帮助大家检验这个厂家生产的中药柜是否专业:  一摸:指通过触摸, Check whether the paint surface of the Chinese medicine cabinet is smooth, delicate, uniform, and cannot have cracks or deformation; second, see: whether the internal polishing of the medicine in the Chinese medicine cabinet is polished, and whether the medicine can be opened smoothly when the medicinal materials are grasped; : Whether the Chinese medicine cabinet has a pungent odor.

If it is a Chinese medicine cabinet made of high -quality wood, it will emit a faint wooden flavor, giving people an environmentally friendly and healthy feeling. Step 5: After customizing the accessories of the Chinese medicine cabinet, the overall style of the Chinese medicine cabinet can make some different changes in the details of the Chinese medicine cabinet. For example, by matching the light box, or adding gold plaque and other accessories, the display of traditional Chinese medicine display can move consumers more.

Step 6: Determine the number of Chinese medicine cabinets and determine the appearance, style, material, and process of the Chinese medicine cabinet. The last step is to determine the number of purchases. The operator needs to decide how many groups of traditional Chinese medicine cabinets will be placed according to the area size of the Chinese medicine area and the number of Chinese medicine materials sold.



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