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Relevant knowledge and details of the Suzhou Museum showcase, 1. The thicker the glass, the better. The strength of the FRP does not depend on the thickness, but it depends on whether it can be recovered.

The strength of the glass after tempered will be deleted by 3-5 times, and there are no large pieces of broken glass more likely to be injured. Like the glass door of the jewelry exhibition cabinet, the hardware of the fixed glass can easily fall off due to frequent switches, forming glass damage, so it can not choose very thick glass. Therefore, when the jewelery exhibition cabinet is setting, it can be required to show the cabinet factory as much as possible to use the glass as much as possible in order to use the tranquility.

Recently, some customers want to rent cosmetics showcases or want to buy second -hand showcases. It is a good thing to buy showcases to control budgets, but when controlling the budget, it cannot be saved together. This is a bad choice.

Since it is renting or renting or renting or renting. To buy a second -hand, that shows that the showcase has been used before. If a set of jewelry display cabinets in the mall looks very consolidated, that kind of consolidation refers to the structure of some parts or the overall consolidation.

There is a district and. Overall resoluteness is the manifestation of index quantity. It can be said that the overall structure and how much money are hard, but that is not the overall hardness.

The lacquer table of the wet tea cup on the showcase often leaves a circle of watermarks. It can spread a clean wet cloth on the watermark of the desktop, and then iron it with an iron at a lower temperature, which can make the lacquer film penetrate into the paint film. The moisture evaporates, so that the watermark disappears.

When using this method, the rags used are not too thin, and the temperature of the iron is not too high. Otherwise, the watermark on the desktop has disappeared, but the brand can no longer remove it. The structure of the jewelry exhibition cabinet is very simple, but there are also related components, Suzhou shows the storage drawer on the cabinet.

The relationship with the overall structure is not great. The storage drawer is personal, but it is also a department of the counter. The determination of itself is also a quantity.

When the overall structure of the jewelry display cabinet and the drawer is strong, it can be said that it is both quantitative and quantitative. Of course, in addition to drawers, there are some details of Suzhou, Suzhou edge, locks, etc. Those are quantitative individuals and can score alone.

This mainly depends on the way of communication with customers. The brilliant store ideas not only uglown the city appearance, but also left an exaggerated impression on consumers, which is good for consumers to remember the store. In accordance with the unsuccessful position, the plans of artistic, strange, and ingenuity in the process must be deep and unpredictable.

Remind the props to imagine that this is here to reach the end of the prominent exhibits. 当然,珠宝展现柜的造做量量不只能够巩固结实,专柜的量量还包罗构造量量:合理性和不变性;材量:类型、等级、加工水平;功用品量:高效、不变、 Humanity; To judge the amount of jewelry exhibition cabinet is not good, you must comprehensively evaluate those aspects. Therefore, when Chen is setting up the jewelry exhibition cabinet, not only to be concerned about the amount, but also the overall amount and quantity.

The exhibition cabinet of the Suzhou Museum 1. The display of the cabinet is both elegant and practical, but for professional imaginations, the problem considers daily is such a problem, responsible imagination, or the imaginers who are icing on the industry every day. Every day, every day They are considering such issues, so I have common opinions on that issue.

2. Choose expensive lights as homemade. The choice of lamps indirectly affects the effect of displaying the goods and the service life of the display cabinet.

And different brands of lamps will have different color rendering indexes, heat dissipation and light attenuation. At that time, we must choose the brand of jewelry public lights. It must be based on the display of the goods to protect the corresponding lighting effect to ensure the excellent display effect.

The disadvantage is that the door panel is a tablet, which cannot create three -dimensional effects such as bumps and metals. The sense of fashion is slightly worse. 3.

The larger the thickness of the jewelry exhibition cabinet, the better. When the jewelry display cabinet manufacturer is making jewelry show cabinets, the countertop, facade and other departments need to use 15 or 18mm plates, and the roots of the Suzhou department are 9 ~ 12mm. That is because the thicker the board, the heavier weighs, not only in the weight, not only in the weight, but not only in the weight, not only in the heavily, not only in the heavier, but not only in the weight, not only in the heavier.

It is not peaceful during the transportation and transportation process, and after the disassembly and long -lasting use, due to the heavy weight of the beam head, the top of the top, etc., it is easy to crack and fall off. Whether it is a cabinet -type cargo, cabinet -type cargo table, box -type cargo table, etc.

are used to place different products, which is convenient for customers to choose. Because the appearance is smooth and flat, it can manipulate the store light reflection to make the selling goods more gorgeous and bright, and it is loved by many companies. 4.

The thicker the paint, the better. The paint consumption process is primer and facial paint. First repair the pores, then use sandpaper to smooth it, and then scrape a layer of pork blood ash in the appearance of the cabinet.

Paint paint after boring. The coating effect is weighing by coating brightness and appearance smoothness, not the thickness of the coating. If you want to maintain the original brightness of the showcase, now there are two types of booths, pads and cleansing maintenance agents of display cabinets.

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