Stainless steel jewelry showcase production follows the process to avoid making mistakes

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Customers cooperate with the showcase factory, from the initial contact to the order to receiving the goods. In the middle, we must follow a set of processes. Only by seriously implementing each link can the stainless steel jewelry showcases make in accordance with the customer's requirements and will not make errors.

How to do it in the production process of stainless steel jewelry showcases, you need to pay more attention to the following aspects. Jewelry display cabinet first, needs design. When the customer wants to make a showcase, and the brain has only one vague concept, the designer needs to be realized according to the information provided by the customer.

If the customer has drawings, we make a special project quotation form based on the drawings, and Party A confirms the review; if there is no problem, you can enter the next link. Second, the drawing confirmation, the sample of stainless steel jewelry showcases After the customer is satisfied with the price, the next step is to enter the showcase proofing link. Before proofing, the customer must check the drawings to confirm each detail and sign it.

For the places that need to be changed, the design is changed from the design and the design is changed again. Confirm the signing to avoid changes in the proofing process, which may waste a lot of materials, and it will create a delay in the transaction period. And you need to sign a sample contract payment model fee.

Third, the sample confirmation is the best to check the business control drawings after the sample is completed. First of all, you feel that there is no problem, and then notify the customer to look at the sample. The customer may propose some small improvements in the process.

At this time To write it down, you will not make an error when mass production. Fourth, before signing a big goods order contract, the big goods production is necessary to confirm the drawings with the customer again. Try to ensure that there is sufficient delivery time, and the chance of having a problem with the problem is very good.

Before making big goods, the business should open a review meeting with the project and production and production, communicate the details of the details, and make a prompt to avoid the errors on the details of the details. The fifth jewelry showcase, the follow -up order, during this period, try to feedback the order progress with the customer as much as possible, so that customers can rest assured. Some things you do, you can also temporarily take customers to see the goods first, but before that, the business needs to check the goods by itself.

This operation can easily increase the trust of the customer. After the big goods are done, we must go to the factory for comprehensive acceptance, and then pack it after no problem. Sixth, some orders at the site involve the need to go to the site to install the showcases together.

This must be confirmed in advance. It must be explained to the customer for free installation or charging fees to avoid the last time with the customer. Even if it is reasonable, it will allow customers It's hard to accept, and even disappoint customers.

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