Stainless steel jewelry showcase process appraisal method

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How can I quickly master the process appraisal of stainless steel jewelry showcases? When purchasing jewelry showcases, many people are afraid of being deceived by some unscrupulous dealers because they do not know the goods. This article summarizes a few simple and practical methods for this issue, and teaches you to identify the craftsmanship of stainless steel jewelry showcases, so that you can quickly become a craft appraisal expert in stainless steel jewelry showcase. We know that the good or bad of jewelry showcases depends on its production process.

However, for the average person, even for people in some industries, sometimes it may not be accurate to identify. The following summarizes several methods of identifying jewelry showcases, which are simple and practical: stainless steel jewelry showcases 1. See if the color is uniform, and the overall shows a stable and thick, especially at the corner, see if the color is merged with the entire cabinet.

It is one; 2. Touch: touch the cabinet with your hands, if it is a round place, it should give people a smooth, slippery, and feel good. At the corner of the folding, the corner should be a straight line.

Touching part of the joint stainless steel coexistence of the jewelry showcase, there is no obvious feeling of feeling of feel. This is the most test process. It may not be visible to see it, but it feels when it feels.

3. Ping: Put the jewelry showcase on a flat table to see if the legs of the jewelry showcase are suspended. Generally, there is no platform in the jewelry store.

You can put the jewelry show cabinet on a large floor. If it is flat, it can be pressed with four corners with your hands to see if there is any unstable situation. it is good.

4. Moving: Moving the jewelry showcase, see if there is a sound of the stainless steel part. If there is a noise, the source will be found.

If there is no sound, see if the stainless steel part is deformed. If there is no deformation, it proves that the craftsmanship is good. Cartier Jewelry Showcase 5.

Form: See whether the appearance lines are smooth. If the shape of the shape of the shape is not smooth, it depends on whether it is designed or the reasons for making. 6.

Knock: Use the screw knife to knock on the part of the cabinet, and judge whether the stainless steel part and wood are based on the sound. Whether the glass part is tightly combined. With the above method, you can be an expert in the processing of the process appraisal of stainless steel jewelry showcases.

These methods are simple and practical, but at the same time, you must also judge according to the above methods and think more to more accurately identify stainless steel jewelry showcases more accurately. .


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