Some secrets in the design of museum showcases

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Speaking of the design of the museum showcase, we have introduced a lot, but the design and production of many museum showcases is still unsatisfactory. Why is this? In fact The display design should be cautious, and when the museum showcase display design is not easily changed, considering thoughtful and comprehensive. Do not change it easily as soon as the museum display design plan is discussed.

Open. Budget is often the source of contradictions. There may be a big gap between budget and design.

As a museum showcase display designer, you must accept the budget in realism and do your best to do a good job in the design work. If the budget is unclear, it does not mean that there is no limit. This is likely to cause a lot of trouble.

If there are too many design and construction expenditure, the designer of the museum showcase display should bear responsibility. Therefore, we must persist in clarifying the budget standards, controlling expenses, arrange all projects and standards in advance, and do a good job of design and construction in the budget. 2.

Museum showcase display design should be concise. Do not complicate that ordinary people can only accept limited information in an instant. The audience walked in a hurry, and if they could not get clear information in an instant, they would not have interest.

In addition, the booth is complicated and easy to reduce the work efficiency of the booth personnel. The exhibits must choose a representative decoration, there must be options, and they must be abandoned. Simple and bright is the best way to attract the audience.

Photos, charts, and text descriptions should be clear and concise. Design decorations that have nothing to do with exhibition targets and exhibition content should be reduced to the minimum. 3.

Museum showcase display design should highlight the focus display and focus on the center and focus. The focus of the booth can attract attention. Focus selection should serve the purpose of the exhibition.

Generally, it is a special product, new product, the most important product or a product that is valued. Promoting key exhibits through the location, layout, lighting and other means 4. Museum showcase display design should clearly express the theme, and clearly convey the theme of the information.

The theme of the exhibitors wants to convey the basic information and impression to the visitors. The clear theme is the focus from the one aspect, and on the other hand, it is to use the appropriate color, charts and layouts, and in a coordinated way to cause a unified impression. 5.

Museum showcase display design must have a wake -up goal to attract more visitors, and it is easier to identify and find it. Visitors who enter the booth will also be impressed. The design should be unique, but do not leave the exhibition target and business image.

6. Stainless steel booth design should design traditional museum display designs from the perspective of the target audience, especially temples, palaces, banks, etc., emphasizing eternal, authoritative and spectacular.

However, at the competition exhibition, the exhibition is successful or not to a large extent on the interests and reactions of the audience. Therefore, the design of the museum showcase should consider people, mainly because the purpose, emotion, interests, opinions, reactions and other factors of the target audience. Designing from the perspective of the target audience, it is easy to attract the attention and resonance of the target audience, and leave a deeper impression on the target audience.

7. Museum showcase display design should consider the space museum exhibition cabinet display designers, but also consider the number of booth staff and visit the number. The crowded booth is not efficient, and some target audiences will lose interest.

In turn, the empty booth will also have the same effect. In this regard, the booth area is the main factor. 8.

Museum showcase display design should consider the flow of public arrangements for exhibitors who may hope to have a large number of audiences who can move freely in the booth; maybe they want to attract a large number of audiences, but only the screening audience enters the booth; maybe I hope to record every audience The data may hope that only a few audiences who have been screened; or even do not consider this work. The booth arrangement of the flow control management is the key factor. Therefore, the designer of the stainless steel exhibition frame shows the flow of people who want to exhibitors at the beginning.

9. The exhibition design of the museum showcase should be easy to build and easy to demolish the booth structure. Construction and demolition construction time is usually determined by the organizer of the exhibition.

Museum showcase display designers should learn about construction time before starting design. 10. Museum showcase display design should be harmonious.

A good museum showcase display design is to combine these factors into one. .


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