Some knowledge needed for making tobacco and alcohol showcases

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Glass is very common when making glass during the production of the showcase. The simple classification of glass is mainly divided into flat glass and special glass. Flat glass is mainly divided into three types: that is, the top -flat glass (two types of grooves/no grooves), flat -pull flat glass and floating glass.

Due to the effects of floating glass due to uniform thickness, flat and parallel surfaces, coupled with high labor productivity and favorable management factors, the floating glass is becoming the mainstream of glass manufacturing methods. 1. Ordinary flat glass.

1, 3--4 % glass, MM is also known as cents in daily life. The 3 % glass we call refers to the glass with a thickness of 3mm. This specification of glass is mainly used to display the surface of the cabinet frame.

2. 5--6 % glass, tobacco and alcohol display cabinets are mainly used for the small and medium-sized light transmitting shape of the display cabinet 3, 7--9 % glass, mainly used for the large area in the display cabinet but also have frame protection. 4.

9--10 % glass, which can be used for large-scale partitions, railings, etc. 5, 11--12 cerone, can be used in the springs glass doors and some partitions with a large flow of activity. 2.

Other glass, tobacco and alcohol showcases, other glass, are not said in classification when they are classified. Mainly: 1. tempered glass.

It is a prestressed glass after being processed by ordinary flat glass. Compared with ordinary flat glass, the tempered glass has two major characteristics: 1) The former is several times the intensity of the latter. 2) The tempered glass is not easy to break.

Even if it is broken, it will be broken in the form of a granular without sharp angle, which is greatly reduced to the human body damage. 2. Fruits glass.

It is also scrub processing on ordinary flat glass. Generally, the thickness is below 9 %, and the thickness of 5 and 6 % is more. 3.

Sandblating glass. Performance is basically similar to frosted glass, and different modified scrubs are sandblasts. Because the two are visually similar, many owners and even decoration professionals have confused them.

4. Flower glass. It is a flat glass made of pressure delay method.

Its biggest feature is transparent and opaque. 5. Filament glass.

It is a type of anti -impact flat glass made of metal wire or metal mesh in the glass plate. When it is hit, it will only form radiation -shaped cracks without causing the fall and the injured person. Therefore, it is mostly used in high -rise buildings and strong shocks.

6. Honetric glass. Most of the adhesion method is used to keep the two pieces of glass a certain interval.

The interval is dry air, and the surrounding sealing material is sealing. It is mainly used in the decoration project with sound insulation requirements. 7.

Movement glass. The mezzanine glass is generally composed of two ordinary flat glass (can also be a tempered glass or other special glass) and the organic glue layer between the glass. When it is destroyed, the fragments are still adhered to the rubber layer to avoid the damage of the fragments splashing to the human body.

Most of the decoration items with safety requirements. 8. Bulletproof glass.

In fact, it is a type of mezzanine glass, but the glass formed mostly uses high strength of tempered glass, and the number of mezzanine is relatively large. Mostly used in banks or luxury homes, such as very high decoration projects for security requirements. 9.

Hot -curved glass. The curved glass made of tablet glass is formed in the mold, and then annealing. The frequency in some advanced decoration is getting higher and higher, you need to book, there is no spot.



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