Showcase material and its classification

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The showcase is mainly used for shopping and store display and storage products such as shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty stores, boutique stores. The appearance is beautiful and unique. The showcase has obvious advertising effects to achieve better profit purposes and provide better sales for brand products to provide better sales platform.

Various display cabinets can be designed for individual or company stores with unique exhibition cabinets and display cabinets. The types of materials of the showcase are: wood, stone, metal, glass, ceramics, paint, plastic, synthetic materials, adhesives, hardware products, textile materials, hardware accessories, hardware accessories, hardware accessories, hardware accessories. There are three types of wood materials: hardwood materials, cork materials, synthetic wood materials.

Hardwood materials: linomi materials, nanmu materials, fruit tree materials (rosewood), white wax, birch material (neutral). Features: obvious patterns, easy deformation and damage, should be made of furniture, as veneer materials, high prices. Cork material: (white pine, red pine) Papo, Bai Yang.

Features, the structure, wooden material, poor anti -corrosion resistance, poor bending resistance, can not make furniture. Synthetic wood materials: the exhibition industry is mainly synthetic board. Stone material: stone materials mainly include granite (higher hardness, fine pattern, commonly used as noodles), marble (not high hardness, large pattern), bluestone, furstone, pebble, rain flower stone.

Metal materials mainly include iron, stainless steel, aluminum materials and other metal materials: Metal materials are mainly classified as iron, stainless steel, aluminum materials and other display cabinets: depending on the material, the showcase can be divided into metal, wood products, glass, and paint types. Metal system: Metal showcases are more modern, metal showcases are more practical, and metal showcases are more durable. Therefore.

Metals have been welcomed by people since thousands of years ago, and most people have used metal jewelry to reflect their noble temperament. Wooden products: wooden showcase shelves: mainly made of environmentally friendly wooden board materials, made of special fireproof board plus various decorative materials and glass hoods. For some more valuable jewelry, clothes, precision instruments, mobile phones, and various computer -based shelves.

Without fixed standards, according to the needs of the product and the ground location, the standard shape or the alien showcase can. Glass system: glass showcases can be divided into light glass showcases, attic glass showcases and gallery -type glass showcases. The glass is particularly beautiful due to its concise and crystal clear characteristics.

The effect of the effect map of the glass showcase shows is brought to us, creating a sense of ice in the entire shop, which makes people's eyes shine, refreshing, and extremely frozen to extremely refreshing. Paint -type: The showcase made with paint technology, we call it a paint cabinet. The painted light showcase must be good in Biyuang, the painted exhibition cabinet is rich in color, and can be made of diverse shapes.

It is well reflected in the display of product characteristics and the display of the brand of the product.


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