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Everyone may feel that the core of the clothing store is the location, purchase and funds, and the importance of ignoring the display design of the location. People who do n’t know about the clothing industry always feel that the clothing is good as long as it is hung by themselves, so that customers can feel good -looking, but the fact is that the placement of clothing is just your “good wishes”. It can only be said that "there are thousands of people in the world, and there will always be different aesthetics.

Your aesthetics is not equal to or greater than others' aesthetic needs.". The display design of the clothing is to better display the form and vitality of the clothing, so as to attract customers to enter the store to try on, so as to achieve the purpose of growing the performance of clothing stores.

Opening a clothing store is not a trivial matter. Although it can be said, it is "different from the person" . When the customer enters the store, the first eye is the color of the clothing.

It is its form and texture, or the smell of clothing, so the color is a weapon that attracts consumers' sight, and it is also a more intuitive expression of clothing. Why do you look good at home in the clothing store? This is one of the purpose of the design of the display display cabinet in the clothing store. Through the display design of the store, it can not only strengthen the display of clothing display, but also evoke consumers' desire to buy, but also enhance the sense of clothing.

. Think about it in other places. When we enter a clothing store, the first is to go to our favorite color area, and then wandering, browsing or trying on.

We will find that the passage we browse can ensure that our privacy is available, but also avoids and and and with it. Other customers have collided with their shoulders. In fact, these credit also comes from the design of the clothing display display cabinet! 1.

The importance of color display is of great significance for the display design of the clothing store. The color in the clothing store of the showcase should be consistent with the characteristics and style of the store, otherwise it will give consumers a "illusion of donkey lips to the pony mouth. ", Make the store lose unique personality.

Different colors will bring different consumer experiences to consumers. Therefore, when making display design, the color of the store is the first factor to be determined, because the color must first serve the shopping atmosphere of the clothing store. At this point, it is because of its emotional characteristics and rich or deeper tables of table *** color, which can effectively strengthen the sense of volume and thickness of the store.

Therefore, high -end brand stores will choose cold neutral colors, or The warm color but low -color color system is used as the overall color of the shop, so as to enhance the peaceful atmosphere of the clothing store, thereby extending the stay time of customers. 2. Reasonably designing the display of the clothing showcase in the clothing store has a vital position in the clothing store.

If you often visit the clothing store, you will find that the two adjacent shops will be found. The shopping route and the visual experience in space and visual will be very different. In fact, the clothing display cabinet has two major functions for clothing stores.

One is well -known display clothing, and the other is to plan stores from space and vision to effectively enhance the empty visual experience and reasonable diversion of the store. Therefore, another important significance of the design of clothing display showcases is to divide the main routes, blessings, and payment routes of clothing stores, so that customers can come in the shopping environment that can protect privacy and not produce collisions. The main route mainly controls the general direction of passenger flow; the Fugu line is to determine the flow of passenger flow between the display area in the store, and the payment route refers to the reasonable diversion.

3. Skills to find the exhibition cabinet display racks for clothing stores: "There is no market in the off -season, only the thought of the off -season". If you want to do a good job of clothing stores, you need to defeat the "neighbors" from the skills and characteristics.

The display design can be said to be a statement of fast fashion women's clothing stores. Only by showing the charm of clothing and vividly showing its shape and vitality, can consumers look at the dazzling shops at a glance! Below two main display methods: 1. Cycle repetition method, each store has a golden exhibition area.

When clothing is slow to sell in a certain area, timely change positions , Enhance the artistic atmosphere; 2: Curly Trail Tongyou Method: The design of the clothing display cabinet must be conducive to guiding customers to keep going, creating a fascinating empty visual experience. Isn't it "lost passenger flow" at a glance?.


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