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The environment created by the design of commercial display showcases is the main factor of the composition of urban landscapes. A variety of shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, restaurants, business leisure bars, Debi Hall, Beauty Hairdressing Hall, etc. are to realize commodity exchange, meet human consumer needs, experience, experience The frontier of the commodity economy, its five lights and ten colors, row of row, and the composition of the form, color, sound, and light to adapt to the fun space of human feelings.

To this day. The design of the modern business space display is generally characterized by the following features: 1. To attract and attract customers to the maximum of real business display showcases, we must give full play to the creation talents and rich imagination of designer.

At the same time, the commercial display design must pay attention to the authenticity of the aesthetic creation, that is, the information conveyed must be accurate, and it cannot exaggerate its words and virtual momentum. This is also a key issue with modern business display design. 2.

The sense of times and national style products are a certain society. Products of the development of productivity and science and technology level. In essence, it reflects the evolution of history and the progress of human society.

Therefore, the display design of the information medium between goods and consumers must also have distinctive characteristics of the times. 3. Environmental concepts The commercial exhibition cabinet is mainly to resort to human vision and hearing feelings.

At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of the cultural landscape of the city, so it is necessary to fully emphasize its environmental concept. Business display design exists in people -the environment of the environment, so in the specific design, comprehensive design must be carried out from the overall space. Based on the colors, architecture, width of the road, and the seasons of the climate of the environment, it is particularly important in store display, neon lights, positive advertising, electronic display advertising design.

Fourth, intuitive aesthetic effects, people's viewing of commercial display is completed in a very short time. As a result, "the shortest time and the largest amount of information" has become a major topic to be solved by modern business display design. Psychological studies have shown that the "intuition" aesthetic effect emphasizes instant views.

It is an intuitive grasp of the essence of things under the prerequisite of previous experience and rationality. This instant observation is an emotional reflection caused by the aesthetic object to the subject stimulus, so that the subject enriches the object image in the process of imagination, and leaves a clear feeling and strong impression of the object in its minds. Fifth, the artifacts used in the display of the auxiliary facility display activities refer to the instruments that are used to place, feed, support, hang, and post exhibition products, such as exhibition racks, booths, exhibition boards, display cabinets, etc.

The principles of design and selection of modern display props are: 1, mainly based on standardization and series. Supplemented by special design; 2. The combination and disassembly formula are the main combination, changes, and convenient packaging, transportation and storage; 3.

The structure should be solid and durable, easy to process, safe and reliable; , Color should be simple. Therefore, when engaged in the display design, we should first consider using a series of features with multiple functions and uses. In the display design, according to different display objects, you need to use a variety of different auxiliary facilities.

Such as the display of clothing, there are various models, chest frames, hams, etc. of various clothing. In addition to some standardized accessories combinations, these auxiliary facilities or devices should also be designed and produced according to the actual needs of the display.

6. The purpose of displaying the basic rules of the display design is to make the audience the most effective information in the limited space -time space and space. Therefore, the display design is based on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the display activity.

In addition to the design of the environment itself, the design of the display form of the display object is also an important content of display design. The collection of display products will form a variety of visual factors. These factors affect vision to varying degrees.

The way human observation things have a certain commonality. The characteristics of studying these commonality are the basic starting point of our study of visual laws.


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