Showcase manufacturers cannot blindly control the cost of making the showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

It is not realistic to reduce a lot of cost reduction in the display cabinet manufacturer. After all, the display cabinet is a display equipment based on materials as the main cost. Due to the differences in economic conditions and development levels in various places, the cost of materials is also uneven.

How to control the cost of making the showcase? Effectively control the production cost of the showcase, of course, it is important in materials. We usually need to consider the cost of production from the surrounding factors. For example, we can try to be satisfactory to customers in design.

Try to pass the middle and acceptance links as much as possible, so as to avoid direct rework or manpower and material resources of secondary production. While calculating the cost, we are considering how to reduce the production cost of the bead showcase in this link. In fact, each of the above showcases can be found to reduce costs.

However, as a professional showcase production and producer, we must consider the intuitive feelings of customers. We must not throw the customer's interests because it is carried out to reduce costs but throw the customer's interests. After the head, it is a hammer to buy and sell.

If you want to cooperate deeper in the future, it will be difficult. What kind of harm will the cheap showcase bring us? Let's take a look at it below. First: The quality of the showcase is worrying.

The better the quality, so the more expensive the price. On the contrary, cheap showcases often use some unqualified materials in terms of material selection, and their quality and quality are not guaranteed. Moreover, the price of cheap showcases is low, and the corresponding employee salary is low.

The low salary is naturally unable to recruit superb technical employees. The showcase not only reduces the grade of service life and exhibits, but also has a great impact on the image of your business and brand. Second: There is no good after -sales service.

In order to save costs, cheap showcases will not have good after -sales service, and even at all. It may also bring you such losses to your showcases, such as image, safety, company products cannot be sold, etc. Once the user gives a business trip, then your entire store score will fall down from 100 points.

It is important to know that word of mouth satisfaction on manufacturers is very important. Without a good user reputation, customers basically won't come here to customize cosmetics showcases. Third: affect physical health.

Unqualified materials often cause pollution to the air, and at the same time more or less harm to the human body. Many unqualified materials will emit a pungent smell. Moreover, the color of the paint is diverse, the formaldehyde components in the paint are very high, and the display cabinet will fade for a long time.

In short, cheap showcases cannot be truly cheap, always remember: think twice. No one will do a loss of money, and the quality of the cosmetics showcase is saved to save more. Because the showcase is customized, it cannot be returned.


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