Showcase manufacturer: What are the principles of the design of the display cabinet?

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The showcases used to place glasses in the glasses shop are often not noticeable at some time, but in fact it is a very important device for a glasses shop, because it can make it very good due to its placement and its body shape. Field attracting customers' attention, so how much do you know about it? In this article, I will introduce the principles of the design of the glasses shop showcase in detail, and some elements that need to be considered during design. If you are interested, let's take a look with Xiaobian! 1.

The design principles of the glasses shop showcase 1. The design of the showcase should echo the functional area. Reasonable and effective use of space makes the benefits of the glasses store space greater; display cabinet design should fully consider the owner's ideological consciousness and interest and hobbies, and grasp the consumer psychology, meet the special nature of the market, and the requirements of the showcase space; it should also be; To meet the needs of modern culture, make choices in openness.

2. The design of the showcase needs to create personalization, creating beauty and artistic value. This requires us.

The low standard is to implement the decoration intent and conform to the decoration style; the high standard is to make up for the lack of decoration, which is complementary to the decoration project and complement the dwarf. 3. The design style is the soul of the glasses display cabinet, and it is also a very striking part.

The same design has different styles of applications. It depends on the style and color of the display cabinet. The unique requirements; on the other hand, we must meet the aesthetic requirements, pursue beauty and artistic value, and create unique cultural value for customers.

4. The application of color is also very important in the design of the showcase. In full first, the relationship between the choice and the sense of space in full and warm and warm.

Large area of ​​color application, it is advisable to use color combination to avoid monotonous sense. 5. The same excellent glasses display cabinet production supplier is good at solving problems for customers, that is, providing customers with high -quality overall solutions from the height of the system, and creating value for customers (value refers to personalized and unique cultural value), and All of this comes from design.

Second, the elements that need to be considered when designing the showcase showcase 1. The uniqueness of the showcase is also essential to have a unique appearance design in this era of face value. A good showcase is not enough for good quality.

According to market research and investigation, it is found that unique and new showcases, combined with shopping malls, the style of the store can greatly attract consumers' attention and promote the sales of display products. Bring more profits to merchants. 2.

The showcases of different materials need to be selected according to their own store style, so when choosing the showcase, consider your own product style, glasses shop decoration style and other conditions. Have a better display. At present, there are various materials used to make the display cabinet of glasses shops.

Metals, pure solid wood, wood grain, and paint have their own characteristics. 3. Coordination is the coordination of the showcase and the glasses brand.

As a display cabinet with a middle and high -end upper grade, the glasses showcase often uses the glasses showcase to modify the displayed frame lenses to attract more consumers' attention. Not only can it play a role in displaying mirror frames and lenses, but also to play a role in setting off. .


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