Showcase manufacturer: How to judge the durability of the showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

In recent years, with the continuous development of the mobile phone industry, the manufacturing of mobile phone display cabinets has also become increasingly high -end. In addition to the development of mobile phones, the potential value depends on whether it can increase the grade to the mobile phone. The data of the cargo table is upgraded from the beginning of simple flame retardant panel to spray paint and paint glass decorative panel.

And the composition of new processes such as titanium plating and acrylic plates such as titanium plating and acrylic boards in stainless steel plates has promoted the characteristics of the bank cargo platform to show the diversified and diverse color of the modeling plan. Outstanding quality, preemptive skills, unique planning, practical functions, reasonable prices, worth your trust! The mobile phone display cabinet is a part of the merchant, the quality of the mobile phone display cabinet is poor, how can the customer firmly believe that the quality of the merchant sales of the merchant. Therefore, the cargo table must be made enough to be durable.

In this way, we can make customers impress your storefront. So, how to see if a mobile phone display cabinet is durable? Pay attention to those local locations? Below, follow the editor to understand. 1.

Look at the good or bad of glass glue: If you want to know the quality of the mobile phone display cabinet, the most important thing is to watch the glass glue of the showcase. The good glass glue is fine and straightforward, and there is no steam bubble. The appearance looks clean and tidy and strong.

Avoid using water vapor to destroy the showcase for a long time. 2. Look at the hardware: Watching the hardware socket is neat, whether the polishing and polishing of all the cabinet body is flat, and the good mobile phone cabinet is not prone to unevenness in the same plane map.

, Freely open and close during use, and no noise, can stand tens of thousands of switches without easily damage. Third, waterproofing effect: The cabinet of the mobile phone display cabinet has a very waterproof effect, so that the water on the cabinet's table is not easy to fall into the showcase. The effective layout of the mobile phone display cabinet can supplement the regret that there is no characteristic of the display cabinet.

Each showcase means a scene, add color and light to connect each scene, and build an excellent mall sales atmosphere for mobile phone stores. The same variety of goods is compared according to the showcase, which is beneficial to the multiple selection of customers and increases the probability of the sales of mobile phone repair shop products. The mobile phone is a luxury.

High -end goods must spend a lot of energy and funds to decorate to highlight the higher taste and value, affecting the attention of customers. Showcase manufacturer requirements: 1. Material selection: high -density board, splint, flame retardant splint, iron, stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic (selected on demand) 2.

Outside treatment: upper -class high -environmentally friendly paint, matte paint, bright light paint , Delivery, decorated with wood grain, hardware paint, stainless steel brushed, stainless steel mirror steel, stainless steel electroplating and other process treatment (selected materials on demand) 3. Light selection: Tinsen, Sanxiong, T5 long -term partner LED special lamps, generally Pillar luxury lamps,. (Selected materials on demand) 4.

Packaging information: Inner: Bubble Foam/Pearl Cotton: 5K/7K corrugated paper, fir bar/splint (depending on the product) 5, internal structure: hardware accessories and woody woods Perfect combination, the internal circuit newspaper of the showcase shall prevail according to the acceptance requirements of the mall.


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