Several points of designing museum cultural relic showcases

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Several points of designing museum showcases 1. The design is the design of the museum to show the audience's space to the audience with a real attitude and art effect. It is a direct place for museums and audiences to communicate silently.

The last line of defense for the safety of cultural relics. 2. The four basic requirements for the design of the exhibition cabinet design should meet the four basic requirements of the museum's modern showcase: ① technical requirements for cultural relics protection, ② cultural relics safety technical requirements, ③ aesthetic visual effect technical requirements, ④ operating practical technical requirements.

This kind of exchange is different from person to person and the right medicine is prescribed, so you can get the efficacy. The design of the showcase should be manifested and enhanced the corporate image, reflecting the physical body of the corporate. Therefore, when the booth is designed and built, we must surround this center to achieve the following points: the disadvantage of the exhibition cabinet will be irreplaceable.

Some high -tech products or services specially need professional staff to explain and demonstrate to customers, and joining the expo will look special. Through talking, people are also understood by the non -verbal situation, they understand each other, and they have established trust. While understanding the product, the audience also deepen the impression of the enterprise at the certain level of understanding the level.

However, the provocations of the above two aspects are objective. The expo must actively adapt to these changes and adopt effective countermeasures in order to temporarily stand in an invincible place. What is the prospects of the exhibition industry after all? The industry insiders who hold a pessimistic position have put forward a powerful argument.

This is the targeted contact and exchange of the audience at the expo. In recent years, a large number of human and financial resources have invested in various parts of my country to build a lot of museums and cultural feds. However, there are not many successful museum showcases, and most of the exhibitions have fewer audiences.

Social reports are not as good as we are looking forward to. What are the factors that restrict our exhibition success? There are both professional and technical issues, management operations, and systems. How can we establish a museum showcase? According to the general rules of the museum's cultural relic showcase project, and the common problems in museum showcase projects, I think there are at least the following aspects: 1.

Display space planning and design in the production of museums under construction. People often have the external form of the showcase, and the exhibition space does not make considerate planning according to the type and performance of the exhibition. As a result.

Due to the lack of a good performance stage, many exhibition items that should have been rendered performance were forced to distort or abandon, which will inevitably affect the quality of the exhibition. In order to ensure the exhibition effect of the museum exhibition, according to the category and performance methods of the exhibition, we should carefully plan and design the display space. 2.

In the form of cultural relic showcases, we should pay special attention to this point: what are the level of design projects before; whether you have done similar design projects; whether you have done a good design project; the degree of understanding of the theme and content of this exhibition, etc. In addition, pay attention to the difference between the design agency and the designer. As far as the design of the exhibition is concerned, designers are more important than design institutions.

Because although some design agencies are old, the main designers have left; although some design agencies are young, the main designers are experienced. In terms of formal design, the goal that the museum wants to choose is designers with successful experience, not design institutions. 3.

The design and form design of the showcase production and exhibition control showcases are not enough. The success of the exhibition must be implemented in the end. Therefore, choosing an institution with successful experience to undertake the production and exhibition of the exhibition is another very important link.

Space Design and Production Co., Ltd. is convinced that "professional is trustworthy", we have a deep understanding of the brand.

Our designers have many years of space design experience and have many successful image display cases. In the design, we not only pay attention to the external form of the showcase, but also plan the exhibition space according to the type and performance of the exhibition, so that the museum display space can adapt to the museum exhibition, and the exhibition effect of the museum exhibition to the extreme. .


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