Seven common jewelery shop room decoration design styles

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From the architectural style and the artistic style, a variety of commercial jewelry gold store design styles are derived. According to the different aesthetics and hobbies of store space designers and store operators, there will be various design concepts, opinions and methods. Below, I will introduce you to the current 7 stored interior design styles.

Jewelry showcases 1. Classical style (luxury classics) In the era when the store decoration was just emerging, most of the store decoration and interior space decoration mostly pursued more practical and uniform styles. The luxury classic style developed with the development of business development.

The designer will ask for the design elements of various symbolic brand culture, and embed the luxurious design into the decoration, such as classical painted glass ceiling, the use of classical style elements, classical style decorative panels, decorative wooden angle lines, etc. Basically, the main decorative methods are similar to the Baroque style combined with domestic materials. 2.

Simple style (free) brand display pursue a neat and bright store indoor effect. Today, this style is still the first choice for most commercial brand jewelry store decoration. 3.

Exquisite style (noble and solemn) has been groping for nearly 10 years. With the improvement of domestic people's living standards and the increase in opening up to the outside world, people have begun to yearn for and pursue high -quality life. Use exquisite decorative materials and jewelry display cabinets in commercial store decoration.

4. Soft style (stable and independent) In the beginning of the century, a design that pursued a stable and luxurious design began to appear in various shopping malls and shopping centers, and then a large number of appeared in ordinary commercial decoration. This style emphasizes a relatively simple but content decoration form, which gradually forms a style with black walnut as the main woodworking panel.

Among them, simplicity and minimalism began to surface. 5. Elegant style (quiet and gentle) This is a design style that appeared in the last century.

This style emphasizes proportions and color harmony. People start to use the same color with the smallpox on the wall jewelry showcase, and the counter uses a kind of wallpaper with a touch of texture. The whole style looks very elegant and quiet, without a trace of impetuousness.

6. Fresh style (light freehand) This is an indoor design style with a fashionable taste under the influence of minimalism. Especially with the appearance of many brands, this simple style appears in a large number of commercial decoration.

Because many times, the display of goods is valued, so there is no need to consider many functional problems in the decoration. They often emphasize a kind of randomness and flatness. The use of light white and monochrome to display a large area of ​​space, and then place various color display props, jewelry display cabinets, and gold display desks, forming a simple indoor space full of modern style.

7. Chinese style (fresh and elegant) With the emergence of many modern factions, a retro style has appeared in China, that is, the revival of the Chinese business decoration style. Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting, and Ming and Qing furniture constitute the most important elements of Chinese design.

However, these retro home private exhibitions are expensive, and it has become a more high -end business space display form in modern commercial decoration. .


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