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v \:* {behavior: url (#default#vml);} o \:* {behavior: url (#default#vml);} w \:* {behavior: url (#default#vml);}. shapee {Behavior: URL (#default#vml);} is necessary for most museum showcases. Museums are often displayed in the museum.

Similarly, some museums usually place some independent showcases on the first floor. These independent showcases are very flexible. You can place it everywhere.

In addition to the independent display cabinet, there are some along the wall showcase. Put too much along the wall showcase. The second floor is the central exhibition area of ​​the museum.

The exhibit here is the most important of the entire museum, so the place is usually very regular. In order, people can watch these exhibition products in a certain period of time when watching these exhibition products. This can deepen the memory of the viewer.

The third layer usually places some automatic cabinets. The liquidity, and the automatic showcase has a special LED light. The light emitted can change with the change of the exhibits.

It is very ornamental. However, the museum's showcases are not smooth when they are sold. Sometimes they encounter some problems.

Let's take a look at what common problems will be encountered when the museum showcases are sold. First of all, a relatively common problem with the museum cultural relic show cabinet is the price of sales. The price of a beautiful display cabinet is very high.

This is determined by its production process. A showcase that meets the exhibits, and then make this showcase. When making the showcase, the four -sided glass must be carefully cut and spliced.

This requires a very experienced master to weld it. If the mistake is wrong, this whole glass will be scrapped. In addition, there are many exhibition lights in the showcase.

These display lights are not cheap. Most of the display lights in the showcase are LEDs. LEDs are LED.

LED The price of the display light is relatively high. Of course, the effect will be very good. If you want the exhibit to better be displayed, then people need more effort in the manufacturing of the showcase to use the best materials.

In this way It will be very high. Most people feel that such prices are unacceptable, but as long as you think about the complex production process of the showcase, you will be relieved. A perfect exhibition cabinet is a high price.

The above is just a common problem that museum showcases will encounter when selling. Other problems will be encountered during the sales process. These problems are waiting for people to solve.

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