Related knowledge of matte paint in the showcase

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The exhibition cabinet made of fresh matte paint is better. If it is too idle for too long matte paint to make jewelry showcases, it is easier to have problems. Because matte paint is also chemical paint.

Therefore, the matte paint after opening the lid has an air entering, and the composition and chemical reactions in the air will change the chemical composition of the original matte paint, so there is no way to achieve a good effect. So how do we deal with this problem? The composition of the adulthy pornographic paint commonly contains resin, solvents, auxiliary and light powder in the symbol of jewelry showcases. Because the matte paint of light powder is more special, it is also the hub of the problem, and it is also the soul component of matte paint, because it is a chemical composition that cannot be dissolved in the paint, so it is usually suspended on the paint on the paint.

If our matte paint is not sealed in the display cabinet, the light powder that stays on the surface will absorb the moisture in the air, and then dilute ourselves. As a result, the illusion of matte lacquer opening is too long. In fact, the real reason is that lighting powder absorbs the water of the air, and the density becomes larger, and it has precipitated to the bottom of the barrel.

When the jewelry shop is designed and used, if the whole bucket paint is not stirred or stirred, but not sufficient enough, it will cause a barrel of paint in different parts of paint in different parts, or the paint of paint that is differently poured out. The content of lighting powder is different. Yuguang lacquer sediment is absolute, not sinking is relative.

Good subcuttering also has precipitated, but it is better to use the average on average. If it is not placed for a long time, the lighting powder sinks a lot of dying at the bottom. It is made into a mass and severe layered.

It is difficult to average after stirring. It is difficult to apply the qualified effect. In this way, the whole bucket paint will be brightened at the beginning of the use, and the phenomenon of its luster is getting lower and lower to the bottom paint.

Therefore, before the paint is taken from the barrel, the whole bucket paint must be stirred from the bottom to the surface with a stirring rod. When stirring, not only will it only stir in the circular direction. The stick should be pulled up and down, the mixing rod should be inserted until the bottom of the barrel is inserted, so that the sediment of the bottom department of the barrel is fully mixed with the surface layer paint.

At this time, pull the paint out of use, and use the required ratio to be used for paint. Only in this way can the use of paint machines (including gloss, hardness, fullness, and covering force) be used consistently. .


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