Precautions for the design of cosmetics store

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Showcases and props lack practical, artistic, economical, security and humanized functional requirements. First: Cosmetic stores of cosmetics stores such as cosmetics stores in the mall. The entire building has a large oval -shaped landscape courtyard.

The width is not very large. There are locals on the part. The scale of the inner street and the outline of the plane is well combined, expressing the significance of the circular layout to the shopping center layout.

Second: The cosmetics showcase in the cosmetics store is mainly centered on the pillars. It can be made into a test room or display some products outside the pillars. There is a Nakajima store, and the middle of the two brands is partitioned by the wall.

If the height of the partition wall is 1.5 meters, the permeability is usually better, and the image of the two brands can be fully displayed. Cosmetics showcase III: Cosmetic Store's branched showcases have strong practicality, different lengths and forms“branch”It can be flexibly adapted to the different forms of the base.

The advantage is that the base utilization rate is high, and the disadvantage is that the backwalking is poor. If each article“branch”If the length is too large, it is easy for consumers to give up the other parts of the branches. Of course, it may be cautiously cosmetically cosmetics showcases.

“branch”The length, direction, intersection point,“branch”The secondary path between the between to improve this situation. Fourth: Cosmetics specialty shop outdoor showcase Outdoor decoration refers to the start of the decoration in front of the shop door and around. Such as billboards, neon lights, light boxes, electronic flashing advertisements, posted paintings, leaflet advertisements, living person advertisements, shop signboards, facade decoration, window layout, outdoor lighting, etc.

, all of which are outdoor decoration decoration. If the store wants to achieve good economic benefits, you must first enable consumers to enter the store. In addition to factors such as advertising and traditional reputation, consumers' understanding of a store without knowing the store starts from the appearance.

The general psychological reaction of people to things is that an elegant and luxurious shop outdoors, the goods sold must also be high -end and high -quality; while the decoration is flat or outdated, the products they sell must be low -alternate, the quality is difficult to maintain, the quality is difficult to maintain, and the quality is difficult to maintain. Too luxurious or humble decoration, with uncoordinated layout, itself is the human barrier of refusing to consumers. Outdoor cosmetics showcases mainly include appearance cosmetics showcases, entrance cosmetics showcases, signature cosmetics showcases, window cosmetics showcases, external photos 1.

Exterior cosmetics showcases. personality. From the perspective of the overall style, it can be divided into modern style and traditional style.

Fifth: The linear exhibition cabinet layout of cosmetics stores is suitable for narrow and long bases. Stores on both sides of the online pedestrian street are compact, high efficiency, high store browsing rate, and strong direction. Poor and unilaterality cause a certain boring sensation.

Generally, you can increase interest by arcing the pedestrian cosmetics showcase and arrange large nodes online to alleviate consumers' boring sensation. Sixth: There are many ways to have many ways to make cosmetics showcases in the side hall of the side hall of cosmetics stores. The side halls of ordinary department stores are partitions with higher walls, not using low walls.

The depth of the partition wall is 2.4 meters, the front is 3.6 meters, and the maximum cannot exceed 3.

6 meters. The passage to the innermost back wall, the distance is usually 5 meters. Within 2.

4 meters, there are usually two large display groups, with 4 cabinets, and the number of cabinets should not be less than 4. Why the shortest requires 2.4 meters, because there are 4 cabinets display.

If less than 4 cabinets, the impression and visual impact that the product leaves the customer will be very weak, and basically it will not play any effect.


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