Precautions for the design and decoration of the jewelry exhibition hall

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The jewelry exhibition hall is different from the specialty store. The main purpose is to display it, and the specialty store is mainly based on sales and creating profits. Therefore, there will be obvious differences in the overall design and the layout of the jewelry showcase.

So what details need to be paid to the specific design and decoration of the jewelry exhibition hall? First: Safety issues of jewelry exhibition hall. The area of ​​the exhibition hall is relatively wide. If there is no event, it does not need to place a lot of items like the showroom.

Therefore, even if the safety problem is not said, it should be the top priority of the decoration. He is a long -term display. Second: color selection of the exhibition hall.

Whether it is color suppression or the main material of the exhibition hall, people must feel atmospheric, elegant, and stable, so it is best to choose white and gray. Specifies need to be designed to control the whole. Jewelry display cabinet third: The design of the exhibition hall should echo the items displayed by the enterprise.

The products displayed by the exhibition hall are the focus of the company, so the design, color and style of the exhibition hall must echo each other's culture and product characteristics. Fourth: The design of the enterprise exhibition hall focuses on theme and style. This problem is the basis of the design of the exhibition hall, and the origin of the entire design.

The theme and style are like a leader. If there is no overall design in the entire exhibition hall, and the theme and style of the exhibition hall is not caught, the consequences will be difficult to imagine. Fifth: Pay attention to the application of materials.

Enterprises are fixed for a long time, so they need to be cautious when choosing a construction material. There are more and more new materials in the current market, dazzling, but what kind of materials to use need to combine the overall effect of the company to make choices, otherwise it will greatly affect the overall style. Design and Decoration of Jewelry Exhibition Hall 6: Jewelry Showcase Style Selection.

Regardless of the size of the exhibition hall, the counter will be used in the middle, high and low end. What is the specific choice? According to the decoration style of the exhibition hall, the position of the enterprise's overall image, and even the category of the product. Only by comprehensive consideration, it is more suitable to determine the style of the jewelry showcase to determine the style of the jewelry showcase.

The design and decoration of the jewelry exhibition hall is not an independent project. It involves engineering, color, psychology, cost budget and other aspects. The designer needs a strong ability to be competent to the exhibition hall design with high ideas.

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