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Therefore, if you want to retain customers, you must be willing to invest in the production cabinet and display design. This is the hub baby of the progressive business. Give customers a different effect of display experience.

Display the front cabinet: the upper department is glass, and the lower department is the wooden grassroots, which is profitable to display the product. The price is not the most important. The important thing is to enjoy the pleasure of this luxury shopping and content a little vanity.

It can be said that the current profit of cosmetics is quite high, so the cosmetics brand is willing to invest on the showcase. Those display designs can be said to have different experiences to customers. People can't help but be attracted by these luxurious designs.

Even if there is no product needs at present, they are willing to walk in the mall. Display back cabinet: the showcase placed against the wall, display the display product for display products. Boutique showcase: Generally displaying high -end boutiques, generally square cabinets, independent display of a certain product.

Most of the shopping malls are different combinations of the above showcases, which make the entire exhibition hall content rich and displayed diversified. Baozhu showcase: The pillar body needs to be made into a showcase according to the location of the scene, which not only achieves the purpose of the display, but also saves space. Not only a new visual experience, but in such an environment, it also brings people a happy mood.

So that some customers can not rest for themselves. Sometimes they feel that the products have exceeded their own scope, but under these gorgeous appearances, they have become unavoidable. Jewelry display cabinet image showcase: Generally displaying new products, or main products, such showcases are the highlights in design.

The new ideas in the design of high -end shopping mall showcases, coupled with different styles, design gorgeous light boxes, blind products, beautiful lighting effects, as well as sweet smiles, beautiful age, can be said to be a salesperson, these are merchants’s from the merchants. baby. At present, cosmetics showcases are the image of major shopping malls.

It can be said that it is a landscape of the mall. The major brands have made great efforts in the display. In the display design and production, it is also designed and produced.

The purpose is to attract customers and provide performance. Liberty Island Cabinet: Place the middle location of the exhibition hall, which is convenient for customers to watch the exhibits in the event. .


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