Plasticity and process selection of showcases

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The development of modern science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the economic development is booming. People have begun to participate in business activities one after another, engaged in product sales and promotion. If you want to sell products, you need to display the product.

In order to meet the needs of customers in different industries, the customization service of the showcase manufacturers came into being. As far as the current showcase market is concerned, whether it is the price of the showcase or the quality of the showcase, it can be said that. Sometimes, the material is the same, and the exhibition cabinet looks similar in appearance, but the price is far away.

why is that? Customers who don’t understand often ask such questions. In fact, there are a variety of reasons, such as process differences, material differences, etc. Good showcases, from the choice of board, to the requirements of the process, each process is very rigorous.

Let's explain to you below, the craftsmanship of the showcase. 1. Selection of board: Choosing a high quality plate is the first factor to ensure the quality of the showcase.

This is not only required to choose the quality of the board, but also the applicability of the board also needs to be strictly selected. First of all, you must make the correct choice of the relevant parts of the board. For example, the board of the load -bearing parts such as bookshelves can be used.

Second, the quality of the relevant board must also be controlled. For example, the quality of the fine core board is diverse, which is far from the difference. 2.

Selection of face -to -face process: Different plates require different decorative processes. For example, a solid wood and panel with beautiful texture, then you can use a varnish. And the poor wooden board or ordinary splint surface without the panel, then you need to use the oil mixed oil.

Similarly, in turn, if you use a varnish, you should choose a solid wood or decorative panel with better surface. And if you use hybrid, you only need to choose ordinary plates. The use of noodles and mixed oils can only be a waste of money.

3. Treatment of nail eyes: In terms of nail eye treatment, it belongs to the category of paint workers. As the saying goes, "Three points of color, seven -point dressing.

"This sentence is more typical in the woodworking type. Now most of the decorations are used to use re -processing boards, and the use of nails and other processes during construction. How to deal with these nails has become a prominent problem.

This requires a very rigorous attitude towards the color matching of putty, so as to make the color after coloring basically consistent with the wood surface, thereby covering up these shortcomings. The same treatment is also applicable to the treatment of tree festivals and tree scars. .


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