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The new trend of museum showcases searched for the museum showcase in Baidu, at least one or twenty production manufacturers can be made. Every family says that each family is good, and they all say that their own watermelon is sweet. As a purchaser, how do you find your own satisfaction in these manufacturers? You might as well make a comparison from the following aspects.

You can see the mystery at once. Look at the appearance technology; museum showcases are used to show a variety of valuable cultural relics. Therefore, first let the visitors see the appearance of the showcase, feel the workmanship, and make a sigh, which makes people think that the exhibits in the cabinet are valuable.

2 Europe and the United States, look at the transparency of the glass first, because good quality glass transparency is clear. The fineness of the grinding edge. Whether the connection gap is evenly consistent.

See if the cabinet is fine. Whether the paint lacquer meets the requirements. In addition, it depends on the back panel in the cabinet.

The display must be flat. Second, look at the opening method; although the museum showcase is not often opened, because the existing is all cultural relics inside. Some are even particularly heavy cultural relics, so it is necessary to open the display cabinet to open the door to maximize the opening of the door.

The more in place in this area is in place. According to the needs of customers, the display method is divided into three grades, which is manual, semi -automatic, and automatic. The opening level of the door is divided into semi -open and full opening (many manufacturers can not reach full opening now, this is the patent) Whether the structure is reasonable; although who can show the cultural relics, the role is the same, but some manufacturers are The technology is immature, the exhibition cabinet is extremely inconvenient.

This kind of showcase is almost a disposable showcase. If the layout of the exhibition hall has changed, it is difficult to move the position of this display cabinet, and there will often be some problems in the use. For example, the door cannot be opened, it cannot be closed, or the closed is not strict.

Reasonable exhibition cabinet. It is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. Each component is easy to adjust.

In this way, it can ensure repeated use of the showcase. Four the overall design of the showcase is reasonable, the showcase is used to display items. If the design of the showcase itself is very reasonable, the proportion is more appropriate to impact the vision of the visitors and stimulate the inspiration of people, it will leave people a sense of unforgettable.

The so -called; good horses with good saddle, good cultural relics must be equipped with a showcase to enhance the value of the cultural relics, so the purpose of the display is achieved. .


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