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In the museum exhibition, the industry exhibition cabinet as a medium between the cultural relics and the enthusiast can not only understand and clear the true situation and self -worth of the antiquities, but also play a significant role to protect the cultural relics. Antiquities. It has the function of strengthening fruit and fruit display, which can make the cultural relics perfectly present to fans.

The type of museum showcase has experienced a single and diversified process since then. The most popular museum showcase in today's cities is classified according to its location and direction. Most of the inner cabinets, single cabinets, cabinets, hanging cabinets.

Field cabinets, bookcases, etc. Many type I display cabinets have their own characteristics in terms, space, and time, and cannot meet the needs of other cultural relics. The following is an overview of the characteristics of this display cabinet.

1. The exhibition rack History Museum placed along the wall is displayed side by side. You need to choose the display and need to expand.

The display rack is both open display space and can accommodate a variety of cultural relics at the same time, suitable for regional exhibitions. The cabinet in the wall of the exhibition hall is large, which can accommodate a large amount of cultural relics at a time, which can give the visitors the continuous vision, and can change the visual cognition of the actor on the museum on the land. 2.

Independent display cabinet independent display cabinet is a type of display rack. It is often placed in the center of the museum. Its unique advantage is: four -sided glass wall and a circular base, tourists can observe the ancient items in the museum showcase from any direction of the exhibits.

Independent display rack is suitable for rare collections suitable for independent display. According to the situation, precious collections from large to small, ensure that the exhibitors can easily and comfortably browse cultural relics at the bottom of the collection cabinet. Museum wall cabinets are divided into panoramic independent cabinets, single wooden cabinets, etc.

Yes, the complete independent cabinet can be placed at 360 degrees. Fans can watch and care for cultural relics at multiple angles, suitable for protecting the display of cultural relics. Independent hanging cabinets, also known as independent medium -sized cabinets, are used to display multiple paintings and exhibits, and then display rich information.

3. The cabinet of the basement museum is installed on the door, allowing visitors to observe and save cultural relics at close range. Micro cabinets are usually used to display micro -antiquities, such as animal specimens, coatsma, etc.

Middle -size hanging cabinets can show more cultural relics than your landing cabinet. 4. The main body of the low cabinet and short cabinet is embedded in the entire wall, only one side indicates the collection.

Two cabinets or structures are compact. The size of the wall cabinet is deep evidence that can be buried in order to design. It can effectively use artistic devices to provide higher and safer display environments for antiquities, and for display of precious cultural relics.

5. There are two types of stool display cabinet desktop display racks: flat display cabinet and sink display rack. The flat display cabinet is generally 1 meter high, suitable for displaying miniature calligraphy, antiquities, documents, antique artworks, antique coins.

It is often stored near the gallery of the exhibition hall, which is too suitable for fans to ignore. Observed. There is also a sinking display rack, also called sinking cabinet.

The glass near the cabinet has a sinking corner, which can be used for exhibits, some archives, and historical exhibition halls with slightly flat cultural relics. The museum showcase is not only a bridge, but also the only medium between antiquities and tourists. Exhibitors can understand the cultural relics in history faster and thoroughly, feel their deep feelings in history, and understand the national spirit, inherit the history and culture by show.

And in many projects in the exhibition hall, the choice of display cabinets is particularly important, such as the basic safety, environmental protection, gas tightness, overall environmental control, lighting, account opening method, etc.


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