Museum showcase Shengyuan Henghui Technology drives development with innovation

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

Driving the development of the industry with innovative thinking is the law that has always been unchanged. The innovative thinking can drive the development of the enterprise while bringing relative competitiveness. While grasping the core, only the enterprise can better drive the economy only by continuously innovating new products.

The goal of the product economy "is the goal. Innovatively combined with market demand, the first throne of market share is stable, and continuously laid a solid foundation for the goal of becoming a world -class professional commercial cold chain solution. The development of the museum showcases directly aimed at the most leading core technology of the international exhibition cabinet, realizing the comprehensive breakthrough of the display cabinet of the exhibition cabinet in the large -scale high -end exhibition hall, and the system has mastered the design, testing, process, production, production, production, production, production, production, production, and production For the complete set of technologies, a remote display cabinet technology platform with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced levels.

Among them, the automation showcase has been widely recognized by customers in the market once it was launched. Simple and beautiful, without losing beauty and effectiveness, from the perspective of partnerships, the showcase is not only used as a cabinet, but also shoulder the task of the product display platform. The technology display cabinet adopts the design of aluminum alloy narrow edge door, which increases the display area.

At the same time, the display cabinet also uses a three -dimensional fluorescent lamp lighting system, making the display cold cabinet more luxurious as a whole. Let consumers see the products displayed in the cold cabinet more three -dimensional, intuitive, and vividly, provide partners with more ideal advertising effects, stimulate consumers to complete the purchase. The technology leading performance surpasses the production technology used in similar products in foreign products.

Shuangfeng Road strengthens the embedded in technical models such as large distance pipeline design, multi -point temperature control, intelligent defrosting, remote units such as pipeline design, multi -point temperature control, intelligent defrosting, and remote units, which makes this product lower than similar products from foreign products and more noise. Small. This series of products adopts the box volume -volume design and production process.

It is planned to be divided into four parts of the box, the back of the box, the bottom of the box, and the side plate. Compared with the overall foaming technology of traditional boxes, it can effectively control costs, while reducing customer maintenance costs. In the past, the overall foam, the local damage should be scrapped.

And the building block assembly only needs to replace the problem part. And the flexibility has also been effectively improved, which can be assembled at will according to the needs of the user, which meets the customer's needs to greaterly. Museum showcase mining needs and rapid response is the root of the museum showcase technology in the rapidly changing industry.

The high -end technological research and development capabilities and the spirit of innovation have given the museum showcase more powerful execution and development momentum. .


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