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Museum showcase bidding documents The basic elements of bidding for bidding for cultural relics showcases in museums; museums have high requirements in the design and display cabinet production of showcases. Not only are the exhibition cabinets be required to provide excellent exhibits to reserve space moisturizing, but also the display cabinet can have temperature and humidity adjustment functions. It must have anti -theft, shock -proof and design different cultural relics protection functions and environment according to different types of exhibits 1.

Showcase materials must keep the cultural relics non -chaotic safety due to direct or indirect contact with the display cabinet and cultural relics. , It is bound to cause damage to cultural relics. They are exposed to cultural relics or released harmful gases after their own aging, including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, nitric oxide, ozone and volatile organic acids (samic acid and ethyl) ) Waiting for cultural relics damage.

Generally speaking, the materials that cause lurking cultural relics include wood, paint, adhesive, leather, woolen, chemical fiber textiles, and certain textile dyes. In other words, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and surface -spraying coating steel plates are safer than other materials. In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, the lining plate, pad material and decorative materials in the showcase should be tested or chemically analyzed that the conclusion that the conclusion will not cause damage to the cultural relics.

2. The temperature and humidity control showcase of the cultural relics showcase should be well sealing. The internal equipment should be installed with a equipment with a temperature and humidity instrument and controlling humidity.

The equipment is not allowed to install the same body with the showcase. The first choice for the exhibition cabinet to control humidity is to install the dehumidifier. When the humidity exceeds the range of required, the humidity controller can automatically turn on the humidifier to reduce the humidity and display the alarm signal at the same time.

The second option of the exhibition cabinet control humidity is to place hygroscopic buffer materials. This choice requires enough space to leave enough space in the box in the lower layer of the showcase to place moisture -absorbing buffer materials, such as silicone. Moisturizing materials can absorb tide in the summer humid weather.

In the winter, it can be released in dry weather to keep the water in the showcase not chaotic. Employees need to replace moisture -absorbing buffer materials at any time according to the weather characteristics. The silicone box of the lower layer of the showcase should have enough air pores to exchange air exchange with the upper cultural relics exhibition department.

The purpose of reserving hygroscopic buffer materials in the lower layer of the showcase is to not affect the exhibits in the showcase when replacing the silicone, that is, no mobile exhibits need to be. 3. Cultural relic show cabinet lighting requirements: cultural relic display cabinets are optimized.

According to the source, it is divided into natural light and artificial light. The light of the museum display lighting and lighting design is mainly natural solar light or light emitted from fluorescent lamps, tungsten wire lamps, etc. Museum showcases should be necessary to use the light source generated by inert gas.

The light radiation can be divided into many areas according to the wavelength nature, including the wavelength of the visible light zone (400-750nm), the infrared light zone (? 750 nm), and the ultraviolet light zone (?? 400 nm). The display of the light source museum's display is mainly natural light, artificial light and comprehensive light. The use of artificial light in display is generally considered to be completely controllable ideal light.

Generally speaking, the general light sources used in the museum mainly include fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps, etc. But choose the light source cautious, because many light sources contain more or less red light outer and purple light outer rays. Therefore, in the display, the light source and lighting equipment can.

In recent years, the cold light source of lighting by optical fiber -optical fiber fiber lighting has begun to be widely used in display. Because of its unique lighting method and the strengths of ordinary lighting, because of its unique lighting method and the strengths of ordinary lighting. Its biggest feature is no infrared light and ultraviolet light radiation, non -conductive and non -fever, can guide light to different places, will not produce aging, long service life, lighting system inspection and interest, etc.

The Shanghai Museum, the CPC First Convention Memorial Hall, the Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial Hall, and the Nanjing Museum are displayed in the display cabinet produced by Dalian. The degree of illuminance is used to determine the amount of light illuminance of the object, and the unit is Lex (IUX). Lighting on cultural relics, the country's control degree is limited.

The scale of the museum display room lighting and lighting is: the light -sensitive calligraphy, painting, literature books, silk hemp textile textiles and other cultural relics, the degree of illumination scale is ≤50 IUX. For light -sensitive lacquerware, oil paintings, leather and other cultural relics, its illumination scale is ≤150 IUX. For not sensitive iron, jade, ceramic, etc.

, its illumination scale ≤300 IUX. The annual exposure scale of the high -sensitive cultural relics is 12000 IUX. The display equipment produced by professional production capabilities is that the display cabinets produced by them are independent cabinets.

And each showcase is equipped with an independent leakage protection system. Without a fire hazard, there is no such basic indicators and no standard. 1、结构特点:内嵌柜;沿墙柜、鸟瞰柜(桌式柜);四面、五面、六面独立柜、组合式展柜、弧形展柜2、主结构材料:钢、铝、不锈钢、 Anti -Demote 3.

Glass type: All use ultra -white glass or tempered glass, silk glass, explosion -proof glass anti -ultraviolet film glass 4 opening method Electric opening and turning on the head of the hand. Multi -point lighting lighting, of course, you can also use off -cabinet lighting. The above light sources use cold light sources.

Special showcases with ultraviolet infrared filter 6. Electrical system: 24V cabinet power supply independent leakage protection system Electric appliances have passed CCC and CE certification 7. Glass and other materials have also passed CCC national security certification 8.

Alarm system: maliciously open the alarm infrared infrared rays Alarm exhibits touch alarm 9. constant temperature and humidity system: Select the temperature and humidity of the exhibition space of constant temperature constant humidity or constant humidity equipment 10. The space of the exhibition cabinet structure is sealed.

Provide a prerequisite for creating a perfect space. The design of a safe locking system has formed the most basic guarantee. The alarm system can be used or integrated separately, and the alarm system can also be connected with the local security defense through ports or networks.

Temperature and humidity control can also be manipulated or integrated. Depending on the large space environment and the material of the exhibits itself, it can not be used. 11.

Safety and seismic resistance of exhibits: must be equipped with cultural relics fixed cement 12. Environmental protection: In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics and personal health, the product selection of the product meets the national environmental protection policies and provides products and services that have passed environmental protection certifications. 13.

Practical: In order to satisfy the functional requirements of the product, our design is available, manipulating and maintaining simple. 14. Improve the predecessor nature: Under the conditions of contentment and practicality, all cabinets, frames and other display appliances perform higher manufacturing process standards.

And can control the internal space environment according to customer requirements, such as temperature, humidity, and light radiation isolation. .


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