Museum showcase roasting counter showcase construction process process

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The construction process of the construction process of the exhibition cabinet of the museum display cabinet showcases should be combined in combination with the construction drawings. There are several aspects of the construction process of the showcase. 1.

Main construction process (1) Larger construction process: Clean up the structural surface of the counter display cabinet → scrubbing → upper moisturizing powder → polishing paper → full scrape the putty, sandpaper grinding → full scrape the second passes, full scrape, the second pass of the putty, the second pass of the putty, the second pass of the putty, Fine sand paper grinding → painting oil color → spray the first paint → find color replenishment putty, fine sand paper polish → spray the second paste, fine sand paper polish → spray the painting for the third time, cool dry house, cool dry, cool dry , Glore → Water sandpaper to polish, wax, polish. (2) Mixed -color paint construction process: First clean the dust and metal edge burrs on the surface of the counter at the counter, repair the grassroots level → use matte paper to flatten the surface → use the scar at the section of the paint → the bottom scraping putty → coated oil → the first Full scraping putty → polishing → painting bottom coatings → dry hard and hard bottom coatings → painting surface layer → replenishment putty for repair → grinding and cleaning the third paste paint for the second time → polished → No. 1 Three times face paint → polishing and waxing.

2. The construction specifications of the construction point of the construction point of cleaning the oil spray is an important process for spraying the endate. First, the dust, oil pollution, and impurities on the surface of the counter on the counter should be cleaned up.

Shangrun oil powder is also an important process for the paint brush. Use cotton silk dipped oil to apply oil to the surface of the counter on the surface of the counter during construction. When spraying the oil, the fuel injection gun should be easily and natural, and the fingers gently force the fingers.

When spraying, there are more dipping oil, dipping oil every time, and diligence when operating, and the requirements of the same direction, according to the order and left, left, right, and outside Sitting and smooth operation method construction construction. When the construction of the surface of the cultural relic show cabinet is standardized at the grassroots level, in addition to the surface debris of the grassroots, local putty should also be carried out. Before applying the surface layer, apply paint slices (insect glue) to the back cover with large color differences and wooden signs with large color differences and wooden fats.

It should be coated with dry oil or clearing at the grassroots level. Spray the dry oil layer evenly to spray it evenly. After the base oil is dry, the first pass is full of putty.

After drying, it is polished by handmade sandpaper, and then the high -strength putty is supplemented. The putty is based on the silk. When spraying facial plastic paint, you should use fine sandpaper to polish first.

3. Note (1) Grassroots treatment shall be constructed according to the requirements of the showcase production. (2) Clean up the surrounding environment before spraying to prevent the dust from flying and keeping clean.

(3) Because the paint has a certain toxicity, it has a strong stimulating effect on the human body and the respiratory tract. During the construction, we must pay attention to the exhaustion and self -protection. ?? ??.


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