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Museum showcase cantilever cabinets are very popular and are widely used in exhibitions such as museums and art galleries. They are different from large -scale three -dimensional display cabinets. When you want to display small cultural relics or collections, they usually transport them to him.

It only hangs on the wall, also known as a hanging cabinet. In the museum, the walls often appear in the form of art sculptures, which makes it impossible to display better exhibits in a limited space. If many smaller cultural relics or collections are displayed in the 400X400X1600 point cabinet, it is easy to waste the space, because the distance between the display cabinets in each museum should be kept between 1800-2000, so that customers can better appreciate it to appreciate it better.

Therefore, a fuss on the wall and inserting a suspension cabinet can make full use of space to make up for the display of small cultural relics or small collections. space. There are many ways to make the museum showcases, not just a hanging cabinet with a height of 1800.

Why is it 1800? This is related to ergonomic engineering. 1800 is the most comfortable height when people look at objects. For example, in the clothing exhibition hall of the National Museum, the clothes are hung on the top, and there are many hanging cabinets below to place accessories and people watch exhibitions.

You can systematically read the related content of the exhibition. Hanging cabinets are also very popular in the art museum. For example, the use of hanging cabinets in the exhibition hall of the Shanghai Ming Contemporary Art Museum is worth referring to the use of hanging cabinets in the exhibition hall.

In addition to the use of MDF to fix the museum cabinet on the wall, all other surfaces are designed with all -glass, which can better display the items. This all -glass design is an intermediate material. The art design style of any museum showcase can be well integrated together.

The method of hanging cabinets is not complicated. Material supplier uses MDF +ultra -white mezzanine glass. It should be noted that the connected wall must be a brick wall or a thick plywood wall.

Today, most commercial walls are gypsum board walls. If you want to add a constant temperature and humidity machine according to the needs of the exhibits, you must add a design splint to the top or below to place the constant temperature and humidity machine. As for the lighting design, it is relatively simple.

Usually, the splint is hidden with the spotlight and transformer. The entire hanging cabinet should not be too prominent, because its self -weight is easy to pull to the wall, and the bracket fixed on the wall can display the hanging cabinet and exhibits. .


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