Museum showcase mainstream opening method -intelligent opening

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Museum showcases have developed to this day, and they have spanned several stages. From the previous cultural relics to exhibition and exhibition activities, simple glass covers to wood museum showcases to now smart museum showcases. Figure.

With the increasing number of cultural relics in this world, the variety of types is becoming more and more complicated, and the size of the cultural relics is also different. Due to the excessive quality of large museum showcases, museum staff will have difficulty opening a museum display cabinet when it is inspected and maintained in the routine inspection and maintenance of the cultural relics. The efficiency of maintenance of cultural relics, and the smart automation opening system of museum showcases came into being.

Museum showcase intelligent opening system formed the museum exhibition cabinet intelligent opening main composition structure includes: wheel shaft, orbit, promoter, receiver, sensor, central processor, power supply, long -distance controller, long -distance controller. Use a dedicated connection line to connect the relevant technologies connected to the circuit to connect the internal devices in these systems to form the basic framework of the museum showcase intelligent opening system. Museum showcase Intelligent opening system installation and operation 1: Install the museum showcase intelligent opening system inside the museum showcase, you need to check whether these facilities are firmly fixed; 2: The sequence of System signal transmission of museum showcases is: long -distance controller - The receiver -central processor -promoter -sensor -central processor -promoter; 3: The long -distance controller and receiver are connected to the connection between each receiver and the long -distance controller and the long distance controller All use different bands to realize that each signal issued by the long -distance controller is available and only one receiver can be recognized; 4: After receiving the signal, the receiver is transmitted to the central processor.

Transmit the signal to the promoter, the promoter is turned on, so that the museum showcase glass moves along the scheduled track. After the museum showcase glass moves to the predetermined location, the sensor changes in the predetermined location transmit the signal to the central processor, and then the central process is processed in the center. The device passes the brake signal to the promoter.

This is the entire process of the smart opening of the museum showcase. The application of the museum showcase intelligent opening system is mature with the intelligent opening system of the museum showcase. Now the market is not only applied to large museum showcases, but also inside the medium -sized museum display cabinet, like museum graphic display cabinets, museums double -sided sides, museums, museums, and museums.

Glass cabinet, and some small museum showcases, like Museum Midao Cabinet. The ways of opening the showcases of various types of museums are also different. Museums are generally two ways along the wall showcase: fully automatic opening and automatic opening on both sides; museum graphic display cabinets are automatically lit.

Automatically open and automatically open on the side; Museum Zhongdao Cabinet, automatically lifts open; museum cabinets, stretch -type opening . Museum showcase intelligent opening method has now become the mainstream of the museum showcase market, and its appearance has greatly reduced The work of the museum staff solves the troubles of the museum's exhibition cabinet, so that the museum staff can invest more energy in the inspection and maintenance of cultural relics, and create more value for the country and society. .


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