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For the national mission and protect and inherit cultural heritage for many years, we must understand and study the cultural and artistic application value displayed by the museum showcase display. The museum is a shared space that enables various disciplines and artistic democratization. Cultural exhibitions and art exhibitions are the core business of the museum and an important form of social education.

Let's discuss the positive role and core value of the showcase in museum culture and art applications. First of all, we must understand the positive role of museum showcases in protecting cultural relics. When talking about cultural relics, we will pay more attention to the theme of "protection".

Therefore, the protection of cultural relics has always been the focus of the museum's attention. How to better protect the various cultural relics in the museum is not damaged, the necessary application of cultural relics is the first choice. There are many types of exhibition cabinets in the market, but how to choose a professional cultural relic showcase equipment is more conducive to the comprehensive protection of the museum cultural treasure? As a practitioner who fully customizes high -end culture and cultural facilities, take this opportunity to communicate and share with you.

Museum showcases 1. Museum's material requirements for cultural relic showcases: environmentally friendly materials must be used, and the concept of prevention of national prevention must be used to ensure that the cultural relics are not contaminated and damaged. Because the cultural relic display cabinet is different from other display cabinets, they directly or indirectly contact and transport cultural relics.

Cultural relics are the cultural heritage of highly protected by the country. If the materials used in the display cabinet include chlorine, sulfur or other acidic ingredients, or release harmful substances through their own aging gas, including sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, ozone, volatile organic acid, volatile aldo, etc. It is bound to cause potential harmful effects on cultural relics or even irreversible damage.

Generally speaking, materials that may cause potential harm to cultural relics include wood, paint, adhesives, leather, wool fabrics, chemical fiber textiles and certain textile dyes, etc. Therefore, the Boxin display cabinet uses stainless steel, aluminum alloy profile and surface metal board. Improve the environmental protection and safety of display materials.

2. The closed nature of the museum cultural relic show cabinet: relatively closed display space storage space, isolation of cultural relics from the original corrosion environment, preventing pollutants in the air from invading the cultural relics, and ensuring the relative stability environment of cultural relics stored. The degree of sealing of the cultural relic display cabinet can be divided into high -sealed display cabinets according to the air exchange rate of the display cabinet, sealing display cabinet and ordinary display cabinet.

For precious cultural relics, such as first-class cultural relics or special cultural relics that have high requirements for the micro-loop of the display cabinet, it is recommended to use a high-sealed display cabinet (the air exchange rate of the display cabinet ≤0.5d-1), which can create the cultural relics to create the cultural relics creation. "Seventh place".

Star -level safe and comfortable residence ". 3. For the glass requirements of the boutique display cabinet: must be a safe mezzanine glass, no scratches or scratches on the surface, and should meet the professional requirements of the collection.

Huabo's cultural relic display cabinet uses high light transparency, explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet rays, and the light transmission rate of the original glass is not less than 93 %, and the thickness of the glass is determined strictly according to actual needs to meet the safety intensity standards (load-bearing capacity, impact ability ability, impact ability ability , Anti -bending and pressure resistance, etc.). At the same time, if self -destruction occurs, make sure that glass fragments will not cause damage to cultural relics and audiences.

4. Safety functions of museum cultural relics showcases: In view of the preciousness and value of cultural relics, each special display room used to preserve cultural relics must have anti -theft function. Therefore, the Huabo display cabinet provides three security configurations, namely three -dimensional safety testing.

System, glass crushing alarm system and door magnetic intelligent detection system. At the same time, the installation of hidden hardware equipment will not affect the appearance of the display cabinet. The terminal is intelligent controlled, easy to operate.

Huabo shows the humanized intelligent security system. This system can provide 360 ​​° non -dead corners for the museum cultural relics. It is well received by major museums.

5. The temperature and relative humidity requirements of the museum cultural relic show cabinet: equipped with a stable temperature and humidity system. Due to the variety of cultural relics, the environmental relics required for different types and materials are also different.

Humidity requirements are also different. Humidity is an important indicator that affects the integrity of cultural relics. For example, the relative humidity stored in bronze is 30-45 %, the relative humidity requirements for ceramics are 40-55 %, and the relative humidity of textiles is 50-60 %.

Therefore, the museum showcase has a stable and reliable temperature and humidity system to ensure that the cultural relics have continuous and constant micro -ring storage space to protect the cultural relics. Since the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2017 clearly stated that it is necessary to strengthen the promotion and implementation of cultural relics protection and utilization, all parties have actively participated in this work. From the perspective of protection methods, technical means, professionalism, etc.

, the shortage of personnel has brought resistance to the protection of cultural relics in my country. Therefore, in the future, there is still a long way to protect the protection of cultural relics. .


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