Museum showcase design characteristics

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The design characteristics of museum showcases are constantly developing, and the goods are more fast day and night. As the design of the display props of the product, the merchants have paid more and more attention. What are the characteristics of high -grade jewelry showcases, jade showcases, leather goods counter, museum showcases, etc.

? 1. [Integration], the design of the showcase must be harmonious, do not mess up. The booth is consisting of layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, exhibits, exhibitions, etc.

2. [Creativity], creation is the main feature of the new century. The creativity of the display design is mainly manifested in the novel of creativity and the originality of the artistic image.

This unique image is given; the hit, the shock, the stimulus, it is not forgotten, the most effective market actions, the most effective image dissemination. 3. [Expression], the design of the showcase should clearly express the theme and convey the information.

The theme is the basic information and impression that the exhibitors want to convey to the visitors. The clear theme is the focus from the one aspect, and on the other hand, it is to use the appropriate color, charts and layouts, and in a coordinated way to cause a unified impression. 4.

[Diversity], time and space should be diverse and orderly, displaying the art of time and space. While appreciating the exhibits and receiving information, the audience is placed in time and space. If the designer can grasp the behavior of the audience's feelings of showing space, then he can seize the psychology of the public.

In the set space, arrange exhibits and propaganda content, and perform a certain environmental atmosphere. Give play to the role of display. This requires designers to have knowledge, physiology, ergonomics and other aspects.

5. The design of the showcase should be designed from the perspective of the target audience. The traditional showcase design, especially temples, palaces, banks, etc.

, emphasize eternal, authoritative and spectacular. However, at the competition exhibition, the exhibition is successful or not to a large extent on the interests and reactions of the audience. Therefore, the design of the showcase design must be considered, mainly because the purpose, emotion, interests, opinions, response and other factors of the target audience.

Designing from the perspective of the target audience, it is easy to attract the attention and resonance of the target audience, and leave a deeper impression on the target audience. In short, a good jewelry display design should be the unity of content and form, the unity of the overall and local, the unity of science and art, the unity of science and art. If you want to evaluate the design from a individual angle to show the design of good or bad, this angle is the perspective of the aesthetics of the target audience.


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