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In regions, countries and cities, museums are always an important window that can show local culture, history, economy, nature and customs. If you want to design high -quality museum display and exhibition, it will attract tourists more lasting. Through continuous innovation and innovation, it is inevitable to carry out effective innovation in the customization design of museum showcases to create higher levels of display and exhibitions, meet the current visitors' aesthetic needs and desires, and provide visitors with more exquisite exquisite exquisitely beautiful Show and display.

Exhibition viewing experience. 1 Analysis of the creative principles of manufacturer art design of museum showcases is to show humanity. The first factor to consider in the art design of the museum is visitors.

For the museum, the satisfaction of visitors is a key criterion for measuring the success of its innovative design. The museum is an important place to reflect the culture and historical heritage of the country, region and cities. This is also the value of urban taste.

Therefore, in the design of the museum, the design concept must be continuously updated to fully understand the real needs of tourists, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting tourists, and then give full play to the social education function of the museum. Therefore, in the museum display design, it is necessary to adhere to the people -oriented concept, scientifically locate the audience and the theme of the exhibition, and design the museum showcase as a cultural experience activity that integrates fun, knowledge, participation and entertainment. And make the exhibits get closer to each other.

The distance between visitors can bring greater social benefits. The second is to innovate on the basis of regional and national culture. In the development of human history, many countries have created rich nature and humanities and culture.

Every country in the world is an important part of creating world culture. The museum is an important window for displaying national culture, and its innovation of art must also be rooted in national culture. The regional culture and national characteristics must be fully integrated into it, and advanced technical means must be used to introduce the history and culture of the ethnic region.

Come out and leave deep memories and aftertastes for tourists. Third, we must adhere to the concept of green innovation. In the new era of development, environmental and resource issues have become more and more serious.

Under such status quo, the innovation of the museum display design should also be based on the concept of saving resources and environmental friendly development, and is committed to building sustainable green innovation. Exhibition art design plan. While protecting the specimen and cultural relics, the green design concept should be combined with the entire process of display, design, display and operation to promote the sustainable development of the museum.

2 Museum showcase production manufacturers display design innovation method analysis 2.1 Concept innovation realizes the process of customized display art innovation design of museum showcases. Vision.

Only in this way, scientifically realize the innovative development of art design of museums to display art design. . Therefore, in order to effectively show the creative design of the museum to display art, first of all, conceptual innovation needs to be carried out.

The change in consciousness can effectively stimulate people's subjective initiative, thereby encouraging designers to carry out innovation and practice innovation in practice. . The concept of differentiated thinking usually produces different artistic effects.

Therefore, in the process of showing the innovation of art design, designers need to break through the internal concepts and ways of thinking, realize innovative design with innovative ideas, combine regional characteristics with national culture, and continue to innovate practice through the concept of boutique design. Create a more tasteful and connotative exhibition artistic effect, which can meet tourists' desire for knowledge and beauty, and further promote the healthy development of the museum. 2.

2 Formation Innovation In the Museum's Showcase Custom Demonstration of Art Design, the expression and design of the display are usually complementary. Only a high -quality display form can more favorable the value and connotation of the exhibits, thereby achieving good promotion and publicity effects, and producing more attractiveness. In the process of innovative form design, the designer needs to make full use of different display themes, and then combine different expression forms for innovative design.

Try to use the cultural connotation of the exhibits, and use the vivid and wonderful exhibition language to present the subject to the visitors to achieve the value of publicity and education. The exhibition language and text itself is a form of the museum exhibition design. By exploring the stories and connotations behind the cultural relics, they are organized into language and text, and visually displayed to tourists, which can usually better stimulate imagination and reverie.

. In addition, the color, display style, lighting and visit route in the display are also important display forms. Soft colors, elegant lights, quaint display cabinets and scientific routes will better bring tourists into the museum.

In the cultural atmosphere, it can effectively improve the display effect of the exhibits and the interests of the visitors. 2.3 Marketing Innovation In the continuous development of modern culture, people are more willing to learn more about knowledge and culture through tourism.

This development background has brought huge opportunities and challenges to the development of the museum. In this regard, the museum must actively play its own culture and social functions, not only to strengthen the customization of the museum showcase to display the innovation of art design, but also break the traditional concepts, increase publicity and publicity, so that more people can understand the museum and enter the museum and enter. museum.

. In this process, showing the innovative design of art is a good way. Through a highly integrated regional culture, innovatively designing and displaying art forms, and then making it into a booklet or placed on the website for publicity, you can better showcase the rich cultural relics and various cultural works to the museum.

The public, thereby continuously expanding the influence of regional culture, realizing the cultural value of the museum, and promoting the spread of national culture. .


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