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The main color description of the design of the showcase design. The main color that this article mainly wants to clarify is the logo color of the enterprise or product, that is, the mutual matching of the logo color. In this way, we can show the main view of the design concept of the showcase and the same view of the company's conception.

To better publicize it to the public, deepen their impression of the company or product. Therefore, for the designer of the showcase, you should think of the audience from all aspects to make the audience feel good. The color is one or the hub, and it is important to determine the success or failure.

The request of the designer is still a lot of hungry, which depends on the consistency of the coordination of the designer and the enterprise. Cosmetics showcases, clothing showcases, jewelry showcases, etc. must be paid attention to these colors.

Reference color design pay attention: 1. The color design considers the exhibition time (seasons), the location of the exhibition, and the lighting of lighting, and must be considered by the enterprise and exhibits. Because visitors often associate the exhibits with a specific color, the two match the two, and the use of colors to decorate the booth to express the exhibits will make people feel a "logical" feeling, which helps memory.

On the contrary, if the color and the exhibits are severely disconnected, the two are not supported, and the audience needs to remember hard to remember it. It is unrealistic. 2.

The color design of the showcase also has a simple saying principle (museum showcases and clothing showcases can be reflected). Too much color changes can easily cause visual fatigue. Using the scale color and similar color in the corporate logo, it can easily solve the above topic.

The color design of the logo has strong accuracy and simplicity. In terms of accuracy, the selection of colors is the most harsh and rigorous in all art forms. It must be in line with the nature of corporate products.

What kind of characteristics must be used, what kind of color must be used to reflect it. 3. The color design of many large -scale booths in the world always starts with the iconic color as the basic appearance, such as Coca -Cola, Minea, Kodak, etc.

This color design always makes the audience impressed by a very deep. Use the logo color as the color department designed by the booth, and the scale color of the logo (logo color) and its approximation color will make the entire booth form a harmonious and the same visual environment. Simple and harmonious beauty is the aesthetic of modern people.

All efforts are for the ultimate corporate benefits, so it is also important to fully understand the color concept of the customer group. The above data analysis is not comprehensive, for reference only. .


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