Museum glass characteristics

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The characteristics of the museum glass are a display platform and a protective place for the showcase. The protection of the museum showcase is protection from ultraviolet rays, because the molecules in the air will greatly decrease the life of the cultural relics itself. The museum showcase glass after special craftsmanship can isolate 99.

9%of the ultraviolet rays. The second is safety, this is another important performance of the museum showcase glass. The museum display cabinet glass with double glass sandwiches combines the "hard" of the glass with the "soft" of the film to achieve rigidity and softness.

With the development of museums and the development of technology, the category of "museum showcase glass" has gradually matured. At present, 56 first -level pavilions such as Guobo, Forbidden City, and Nanbo have adopted the glass of the Museum of Museum in the Glass Hall. The museum showcase glass is very different from the common ordinary building glass.

It is designed and processed for the museum. It fully considers the details of cultural relics protection and collection of collections. Generally speaking, it must have two high -quality performance: one is display, the other is protection.

For the display, first of all. At present, the most selected museum is the second -generation display cabinet glass. The material is a good ultra -white glass with a light transmission rate of 91%and a reflectance of 8%.

The new museum of the Hebei Provincial Museum uses the third -generation display cabinet glass. The material is imported low reflected glass, with a light transmission rate of more than 98%, and the reflection rate is less than 1%. The biggest improvement of the third -generation showcase glass is to allow the audience to appreciate the cultural relics while being troubled by their own reflection and serious reflection, and can watch the cultural relics "zero distance".

The second is to resist the colors. The low polarization rate of the museum showcase glass can truly show the original gloss of the cultural relics, maximize the history, and let the cultural relics live. This is particularly important for paintings and such as calligraphy and painting, clothing, etc.

Real colors, texture, and halo will bring infinite imagination to the audience. The third is the superb craft. In accordance with the needs of the museum showcase "beautiful and generous, consistent colors, smooth corners", museum showcase glass has greatly improved processing standards, focuses on details, ensures edges and corners, smooth sidelines, pursuing the realm of "real like nothing".

The use of skills to "hide" the glass is the greatest help to display cultural relics. When it comes to craftsmanship, you have to mention the importance of "size accurate". This is a large level of museum showcase glass.

"Size" greatly improves the sealing performance of the glass, which is the prerequisite for ensuring the constant temperature and humidity environment. In addition to the above two basic properties, the museum showcase glass is designed when designing, and it is also considered the difficulty of maintaining cleaning in the later period. With the free opening of the museum, the passenger flow increases, and the audience's unintentionally touch the fingerprints and stains left by the audience to increase the frequency and difficulty of glass cleaning.

No matter how clean, the glass looks foggy. The glass of the professional museum showcases has the characteristics of difficulty in dirt and easy to clean. The frequency of cleaning is reduced, and maintenance is also very simple.

Just wipe it with a special rag to clean as new. Even if it is accidentally contaminated with oil, it can be easily done after spraying with a professional cleaning agent. While satisfying the audience, it also reduces the pressure on the daily maintenance of the museum.


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