Museum Cultural Relics Showcase Construction Fire Prevention Measures

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Fire prevention measures for the construction of museum cultural relic showcases Standardized the fire prevention of the exhibition cabinet on the exhibition cabinet, because the exhibits of the showcase are historic, and it is essential for safety prevention prevention measures. Display cultural relics or specimens in history, culture, art, natural sciences, technology, etc. It is usually composed of three parts: the exhibition hall, the collection warehouse, and the management of the office room, and the layout and style of different museums are also large.

Due to the characteristics of large audiences in the museum, high collection value and easy damage, once critical things such as fire occurred, it will definitely cause large personnel and property loss. Therefore, no matter what type of museum, the corresponding fire prevention measures should be taken. The existing museum architecture has no unified format, and the size is not consistent.

There are three main types: (1) Building museums using general civil buildings. Such museums are generally smaller, most of which are established by the former residence of celebrities, and the fire prevention conditions are poor. (2) Museums that use the local or all established by ancient buildings.

Such as the Palace Museum in Beijing. (3) The newly -built modern architectural museum is designed as required by the museum. Such as Beijing's Chinese History Museum.

Museums of modern architecture are first- and secondary buildings with higher fire resistance and good fire prevention conditions. The area of ​​the display room is large, generally 400 to 800 square meters, the height is between 4 and 8 meters, and the width is between 6 and 12 meters. For these museums with different uses, they should do full prevention work in terms of fire prevention.

The following a few points of fire prevention requirements of general museums: (1) The buildings of the new museum must be in addition to the provisions of the "Fire Fire Standards for Architecture", but also the provisions of the “Fire Fire Standards for Architecture Design", but also It must be done, the steel roof frame structure should be sprayed with fireproof coatings to enhance the refractory resistance. Ceiling decoration should be non -combustible materials such as light steel keel; (2) establish a sound rules and regulations. For the actual situation of the museum, the key points of the museum are discharged, the fire safety management system is formulated, and the staff must often conduct fire -fighting knowledge education for staff, and prohibit personnel from smoking; (3) electrical installation aspects.

The use of high -power electrical appliances is prohibited, and high -thermal lamps such as iodine tungsten lamps are strictly prohibited. The lamp tail line should be protected by the sleeve tolerance of high -temperature materials. The town of the fluorescent lamp is not allowed to install it on the ceiling, and it must not be installed in the ceiling.

Evacuation requirements. The museum should be located in the first and secondary fire -resistant buildings. Internal decoration materials should be made of non -combustion materials.

Each exhibition area should make effective fire protection separation. At the same time, the museum as a place of gathering in personnel, its safety evacuation exports must not be less than two, and the evacuation indicator signs and fire accident emergency lighting devices must be set up to meet the requirements; (5) Alarm and fire extinguishing equipment. The museum should set up a high -sensitivity smoke sensing fire automatic alarm system.

State, provincial and municipal levels should be installed with fixed carbon dioxide automatic fire extinguishing systems, and general museums must set up enough portable fire extinguishers. At the same time, the museum should also install indoor, outside fire protection equipment; (6) cultural relics management management. In addition to the implementation of the "Warehouse Fire Management Rules", the fire management of the cultural relic library must also achieve the following points: the cabinets, boxes, and frames that store the cultural relics should be made of non -combustion materials.

Enter the warehouse with cultural relics; it is strictly forbidden to carry out cultural relic repair operations and packaging operations in the warehouse; the warehouse equipped with a dryer must be responsible for ensuring safety. .


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