Museum cultural relic showcase style design and material application

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The style design and material use of the museum cultural relic showcase as the biggest feature of the museum display cabinet is how to use it to display better visual effects. Therefore, as a museum cultural relic showcase manufacturer, we must analyze the design and use of the design and material of the showcase. Below, I will introduce the materials and design items of the showcase in detail.

The personality of a cultural relic showcase fully reflects the unique style of the exhibits, and also greatly reflects the new trend of the times. Friends who have understood should know that personalized showcases have become a kind of popularity and fashion. At present, there is a burst of "acrylic wind" and "metal wind" on the showcase market.

The combination of profiles reflects the theme of the design of the showcase design. The source showcase reminds you that it is important to customize a personalized jewelry showcase. You need to pay attention to the principle of mixing and matching.

First of all, in terms of materials, the application of metal materials is becoming more and more common. Due to its strong plasticity, lightweight combination, etc., it is welcomed by the majority of jewelry showcase design and production companies.

At present, stainless steel is one of the most popular showcase materials. The overall crushing countertop and composite acrylic countertops. The appearance of new materials for the mainstream of stainless steel door panels as the mainstream, which makes the wooden boards of the showcase change.

In addition, aluminum alloys are also one of the materials that are often used. Due to its advantages of lightness, light, and easy maintenance, they are widely used in frameworks, high cabinets, wine racks, and on -board. There are also some personalized showcases using metal edges and metal jets, which look particularly noble, so the design of jewelry showcases is very important.

Secondly, in the blend of color tones, the mix and match shows its own unique advantages. Internal and external colors are both repaired, fashion and elegant coexist, art and sales, and personalized showcases are more noble, smart, comfortable, harmonious, and natural in terms of color mixing and matching. In addition, the layout of the space is one of the techniques of mixing and matching in the layout of the space.

These mixed styles are also the best display opportunities for exhibits to sell. Finally, as a museum showcase showcase factory reminds you that exquisite decoration mix and match is also a good way of considering. The showcase can reasonably use some jewelry lamps and equipment to mix and match.

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