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Although the retail industry of clothing and clothing consumer goods is guided by trends, it is clearer“schedule”But the season of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The key features to be exerted during the seasonal exchanges of children's clothing display cabinets are: how to quickly and effectively pass the business information of the product changes quickly and effectively. When the product changes season, the task of the store display is mainly to actively spread the following three aspects of information to customers.

1. 2. The consumer season will change (reminding customers that may need the seasonal clothing); 3.

In the new season, the consumption trend to be popular (guide style / fabric / color / theme design / style and other consumption trends). The display of clothing display cabinet products is divided into conventional physical areas, divided into window display and freight yard display. These two basic design areas have different missions during the season change period.

Among them, the main purpose of the design of the window for the display season is to convey the unidirectional information, while the planning of the children's clothing display cabinet display is mainly to buy it. If the task of the shop exfoliating season is allocated, if it is assigned to the window and the cargo yard, then the two will have different functions. Seasonal changes look at the fashion consumer goods market with seasonal signals.

Seasonal signals also means competitive signals. Merchants -oriented businesses can often pass season information faster than natural time. The impact of seasonal changes on the basic social behavior of human beings has become smaller and smaller, but the factors of seasonal factors on clothing retail are still significant.

The design ideas of the window changes to the plant window change season can give priority to combining the children's clothing display cabinet with obvious seasonal attributes. Protective items are given priority to those things that are most sensitive to changes in nature in nature -plants. The most common plant props are flowers and trees.

Among them, because the flowers are small and easy to design, it is more suitable for use in the window changes. The use of large trees props often requires changes to solve the problem of volume problems. Shoe shop showcases in the form of props.

Display designers must consider executability. Not all natural plants can be presented in a limited window, but the design wisdom of the designer can solve this problem. For plants that are small and convenient to buy, you can use real props, which is also the best design.

For plant props with large volume and difficulty in buying, you can use artistic simulation conversion to interpret the window for display cabinets. The flower pot made of wild flowers and dry vine props in the KOOKAI brand cleverly interprets the seasonal transition information of winter and spring. The green of the plant itself is compared with the color of the product, and the protagonist of the product looks harmonious.

In terms of plant props, display designers must have a certain basic knowledge of botanicals. For example, what are the flowers with seasons as the growth cycle? What are the trees? Where is the corresponding area of ​​the corresponding flowers and trees originating and migration? Only after mastering this information can we use appropriate plant props to use appropriate brand clothing display cabinets in the corresponding season. .


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