Men's shop decoration and men's display cabinet matching skills

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Under normal circumstances, men's clothing store decoration should mainly focus on rough lines and deep colors; creating a bright and dignified display environment is the pursuit of unchanged decoration of men's clothing stores. l) Men's shop door decoration door is like a business card in the shop, which determines its first impression in the minds of consumers. Generally speaking, the font size of the door logo character should be coordinated with the facade size.

The appearance of the door basically determines your style positioning. Business men's clothing should use simple and generous fonts. The color and background color of the font should be clear.

You can choose classic colors such as black and white. Do not use warm colors such as red, yellow, green. Clothing showcase 2) Men's shop decoration design Lighting application for men's clothing stores should be mainly based on the warm color of the sunlight type, so as to get the effect of high -end quality.

In terms of specific operations, white light is usually used on the top layer, and other decorative colors are best placed on the lower or corner, so that the effect of setting off will come out. In addition, pay attention to reasonable spacing, highlight the side light and heavy light points, and create a certain level of lighting. After all, this is a relatively important investment, which cannot be ignored.

3) The color tone of the decoration of the men's shop decoration must be coordinated with the style of the clothes, and it must also be attractive to the potential consumer groups. The main color of the general men's clothing shop should not exceed three, otherwise it will not produce too beautiful results. The most important thing is to have certain correlation with the product style you operate.

The decoration men's clothing shop should use more warm colors, such as black, purple, dark blue, etc., avoid using some warm colors such as big red and rhubarb. Of course, you also need to cooperate with the corresponding light so that you can reflect the masculine taste and charm of men's clothing.

Men's clothing display cabinet 4) Men's shop dead corner of the corner of the store decoration and corner of the store is a problem that many operators ignore. So what is a dead end? That is, some of the hard -handed corners of the store, those facial structures that can't be changed. How to take these dead ends“Survive”This will maximize your store space.

This is to start your own brain. In fact, the easiest way is to put some spotlights to glow. It is also necessary to choose a suitable men's clothing display cabinet after the decoration style of men's clothing stores.

Select the custom men's display cabinet from the color tone of the shop and the type of men's clothing. Generally speaking, business installation stores will choose high -end men's clothing display cabinets to highlight the formal and calm atmosphere; leisure shops choose a men's shelter full of youthful vitality to reflect the sun and comfortable atmosphere. This article comes from http://www., please indicate the source.


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