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The main role of the showcase is to display the product, highlight the advantages of the product, capture the eyes of consumers, allow consumers to have the desire to buy the product, and then consume. Not only that, a good showcase also plays a very important role in the unity and improvement of the brand's brand image. The showcase is a brand product sales carrier.

The brand leaves a good visual experience, no matter what the enterprise sells less, the display display. Enterprises must make exhibition cabinet -like products for their products. So, in this case, what do the showcases do and what materials do you often use? As a professional showcase production manufacturer, it is necessary to get users to familiarize themselves with this knowledge.

On the one hand, let customers understand the prices of materials in display and production, so as not to be counted; on the one hand, as a manufacturer Responsibility is also to regulate the development of the industry. The era of huge profits has passed. We need long -term stable cooperation and development.

First, it is more used, and it is also common -wood, the advantage is. It has a good adjustability, can make various shapes and effects, the price is relatively cheap, and it is easy to obtain, but there are bad places. The disadvantage is that the data is heavy.

After that, it is not light and not suitable for the movement of the showcase. The advantage is that deformation, high strength, good abrasion resistance, high hardness. Specifications: The conventional is 1220mm*2440mm; the thickness of 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, etc.

second, glass, the advantage is low in data. We just go to a shopping mall and look at it. Basically, all the showcases are equipped with glass, which is also cheaper to the glass itself, and it is better to use the glass cabinet made of glass.

It can give people a space for people. A greater feeling, which allows consumers to understand the products of the enterprise clearly. The important role of the showcase is that the counter can conduct direct visual communication with consumers.

But the same wood is relatively bulky, and it is easy to break. Be careful in the transportation process of the showcase's production. Specifications: Generally calculated according to the square; thickness, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, etc.

Third, acrylic materials, many people may not have heard of this material. There are many jewelry with acrylic materials, which look crystal clear, look high -end, not good is easy to break, and the price is more expensive. But compared to his effect, the price is still acceptable.

After all, one penny, one penny. With a certain durability, the disadvantage is that the data is heavy, fragile, and expensive. Therefore, when the showcase is displayed, design the showcase production materials with strong deformation capabilities such as distorted or contraction.

Specifications: The conventional is 1250mm*2550mm; the thickness of 0.8mm-30mm, etc. Fourth, steel, general exhibition cabinets contain things with metal structures.

This is essential. Of course, there are some stainless steel materials for effect, not rust, and can achieve high brightness effect after polishing. It feels very good.

But the designer is designed just right. The disadvantage is that the structuralness is more difficult to make abstract graphic effects, not strong. It is easier to dye the index, and it should be cleaned frequently.

It's difficult to make a variety of effects. Specifications: The conventional is 1000mm*2000mm and 1250mm*2550mm, etc.; The thickness of 0.

6mm-3mm, etc. Fifth, iron leather: the advantage is that the data price is low, the data is lighter, the data is lighter, and the information is lighter. The disadvantage is that the structural change is not great.

If the overall showcase production materials are made with iron leather materials, the taste of design is missing. Compared to external climate, the top -to -weather tolerance is highly compared to the ammonia and sulfuric acid with strong acidity. This is the commonly used materials.

Of course, there are some other materials. I won't talk about it here. Regarding the choice of materials in the production process, some people think that the more expensive the better, it is not the case.

It's as if you can't put the free -to -jet shoes in the jewelry showcase to sell. It can highlight the product of the product, display the superior performance of the product, and make consumers interested in it. That is good.



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