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While showing the showcase, how can the vision of the visitors more attract the vision of the visitors and the design of the design is part of it. The other is the color tone of color tone, so that the color tone of the showcase to grasp the visual effect of the tourist. In addition to the design of the environment itself, the design of the display of the display object is also an important part of the design of the cultural relic showcase.

Therefore, in addition to studying the basic rules of the general space design, the research person is the basic prerequisite for the design of the visual physiology and psychological process when viewing the display object. [Lighting effect of museum showcases] Museum showcase showcase lighting: halogen light consumes large power, warm yellow light. LED and other white light consumption of small power consumption, cold hair.

According to your needs for light color. The lighting design of the jewelry display cabinet comes from the top light source. The inner side of the jewelry display cabinet is mostly used to improve the overall brightness.

In addition, the front side of the counter is installed with cold light lights and LED lights as supplementary light sources to improve the three -dimensional sense of jewelry. Especially the jewelery display cabinet, reflects the angular texture of diamonds through the angle of the diamond through the angular lights of the corner or LED light, which stimulates the customer's desire to buy. The products sold in the jewelry store are more expensive, and it must highlight the crystal clear effect.

The dazzling effect can set off the noble quality of the jewelry. It is simple, generous. After all, it must be jewelry that attracts customers, not other decorations Embellishment.

The top surface gold halide lamps and shooting lights are the main light sources, while the island cabinet forms through light band lighting to improve the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area. [Museum showcase color display] Museum showcase showcase color aspect: jewelry showcase color design should be simple, if too many color changes, it is easy to cause consumers' visual fatigue. Using the standard color and similar color in the corporate logo, it can solve the above problems very simple.

The color design of the logo has strong accuracy and simplicity. In terms of accuracy, the selection of colors is the most harsh and rigorous in all art forms. It must be in line with the nature of corporate products.

What kind of product is characterized by what kind of color must be used to reflect the color to reflect It; in terms of simplicity, another principle of selecting the color selection of jewelry showcases is simplicity, just like people with clothes, not more than three colors. The harmonious colors make people positive, clear, relaxed, and happy; the color of disharmony is the opposite, which makes people feel negative, depressed, heavy, fatigue. In terms of attached materials: The supplementary materials of the showcase, in fact, are some decorations of the showcase, such as carving, inkjet, etc.


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