Low -carbon environmental protection jewelry counter becomes customized standards

Author:DG Master-Showcases manufacturer

Speaking of environmental protection, I believe that this is a problem that many companies have more or less problems when developing or making products, especially in recent years“Low -carbon environmental protection”The sound of the slogan is getting louder! The production of the jewelry counter is no exception, and it also pays attention to green environmental protection. The environmental protection of the showcase manufacturer mainly refers to the raw material itself does not have much pollution, there is no threat to human health during the production process, the exhibition cabinet does not harm the environment after the exhibition cabinet is abandoned, and it is easy to operate and the loading and unloading. In addition to doing these aspects, in terms of craftsmanship, style characteristics, and product connotation, the jewelry counter is basically completed.

So how to find the green and environmentally friendly jewelry showcases in the chaotic showcase market? Here, I will give you a few more useful suggestions. First of all, if you want to buy ready -made jewelry showcases, open the closed cabinet door when choosing, smell it with your nose, and see if there is a pungent smell. Generally, this is the gas emitted by the wood itself.

If the smell is strong, the smell is strong. Obviously, the ingredients are not qualified, working in front of this showcase for a long time, it is threatened to people's physical health. In addition, you can also be close to the paint on the surface of the showcase.

If you can smell the pungent smell, it is generally formaldehyde smell. Of course, such products have not been exiled to the market through the strict inspection process. How can it be considered a green and environmentally friendly product? Intersection Secondly, we have to learn to find problems by ourselves.

You can try to touch the edge of the jewelry showcase or the precision edge of the seal. If you rough your hands, you obviously do not follow the strict environmental protection process. I heard, see if you can find any difference, if you still have gas remaining in the hands you touched, do you dare to use such a showcase? At the end of the jewelry showcase, the attribute description and parameters of the showcase are detailed.

Ask the staff at the place where you do n’t understand. For example, why does the showcase have a pungent smell? Is there a potential threat to human health? What materials are made on these showcases? Similar problems, Zhonghe Shiri reminds you that the newly completed showcases have a small amount of smell, which is purely normal. As long as the air quality of the indoor indoor is not great, these are acceptable, you can also buy some formaldehyde adsorption to adsorb adsorption, To eliminate these smells, it is mainly the problem of time.

Of course, if you are not buying a ready -made display cabinet, these significance is not great, because you can visit the site to check the goods in person before the completion and transportation of the custom company.


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