Knowledge of the lamps of museum showcases and lighting application

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The museum uses the function of protecting and displaying culture and natural heritage, carrying out social education, and providing scientific research. It has become an indispensable part of people's social life and spiritual culture. On the one hand, we must consider how to provide audiences with rich content exhibitions in a good visual light environment.

Therefore, the use of museum showcase lamps has become an important issue for museum lighting design, museum lighting design. According to the rich experience accumulated by the manufacturer, the light lighting applied by the museum is mainly divided into the following three categories. 1.

Environmental lighting system: It is an important part of the environmental design in the museum exhibition hall. The environmental lights must be conducive to the safety and comfortable viewing atmosphere of people's activity, which can allow the audience to walk freely and safely in many museum showcases, and in many museums. Available for the audience under the lining of the environmental lighting.

In people’s lives, light is not only a condition for indoor lighting, but also the basic element of expressing spatial form and creating an environmental atmosphere. Most of the ceiling of the museum exhibition hall is installed with embedded LED ceiling lanterns. It will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art due to the setting of the lamp.

Its biggest feature is that the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration can be maintained. The advantages of structural structure are to use the light source to hide the interior of the building decoration. The LED light source is not exposed and does not stimulate the skin skin.

Second, focus lighting system: also known as "task lighting", it is a directional lighting that provides lighting for special activities such as reading, writing, doing games or processing. It creates a highlight that attracts our attention, telling us what to see, or determining our viewpoint on the important element or activity center of the space. Inside the museum exhibition hall, the LED track lights are generally used as focus light lighting to guide the audience to move their vision and focus to the various exhibits displayed in the museum showcase.

Third, the atmosphere lighting system: The atmosphere inside the museum showcase is the most direct influence on the exhibits. The ultra -high color rendering index can make the color of the exhibits restore pure, saturated, thorough and refreshing, so that the cultural relics art exhibits in the museum showcases More pleasing to the eye, reproducing the bright history and art, and comprehensively enhance the display effect of artwork. This type of lamps generally use LED panel lights or LED shooting lights, and some are applied to fiber lighting.



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