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Acrylic is a specially treated organic material. Due to its excellent strong toughness and good light transmittability, it was used in the early days to manufacture aircraft and tanks. Colorful colors.

The night color is gorgeous and penetrating. The anti -Japanese sun and rain, the service life for more than ten years, is one of the more popular outdoor signature signboard production materials in the world. In the bustling business districts of international metropolises such as Paris, New York, Tokyo, etc.

, the beautiful figures of Yakli logo can be seen everywhere, adding infinite charm to countless well -known brand image. In our country, the use of acrylic signature products is still in the initial stage, but with the demonstration of internationally renowned enterprises such as McDonald's and KFC, more and more companies in major and medium -sized cities are in love with the built -in built -in of the Yayli panel materials Light source identification products, because of the original metal and inkjet, it is difficult to meet a series of requirements in the material in terms of material and craftsmanship, and the Acrylic formed characters (light box) can meet the effects of the merchants taking into account the day and night effects. , Can provide personalized services, can also provide unified standard size, unified distribution and many other services, so it is very popular.

Through continuous research and development and exploration, our company has formed many product series, such as sucking three -dimensional luminous characters, dual -absorbing three -dimensional light boxes, trimmed three -dimensional luminous characters, multi -color stitching and blister stereo boxes, etc., and provides personality logo products to obtain a personality identification product to obtain a personalized product to obtain a personalized product to obtain a personality. With the unanimous affirmation of customers, the market response is strong.

The products we make have superior plasticity, light transmission, and surface flatness. Its excellent space performance is significantly better than other advertising expression forms. Visual impact, has become the first choice for international brand outdoor publicity.

It has the following characteristics: 1 Observation material is crystal clear, highly smooth, highly textured, aesthetic 2 climate -resistant panel covered with high -strength ultraviolet absorbers, metal base spray imported automotive paint Strong, the useful life is 15 years, excellent resistance to deformation, high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature -50 degrees without deformation. 3 Reasonable rainproof and moisture -proof, open structure for easy maintenance. 4 Shock resistance is 16 times that of glass products, and there is almost no risk of broken.

5 The light transmission is as high as 93%, the light is soft, bright and eye -catching, the demand for light is small, and the power is saved. 6 non -combustion resistance and self -extinguishing nature. 7 Energy -saving is extremely power -saving with LED light sources, reducing the cost of use.

Acrylic, also known as specially treated organic glass, is an organic glass replacement product. The light boxes made of acrylic have good light transmission, pure color, rich color, beautiful and flat, and two effects of daily nights. The characteristics of use, in addition, acrylic boards are perfectly combined with aluminum -plastic board profiles, advanced silk net printing, etc.

to meet the needs of merchants. Acrylic suctioning is a form of outdoor advertising in a better corporate image. The acoustic light box is gradually replacing the original forms of advertising such as the original inkjet, photo light box, etc.

, becoming an indoor and outdoor -led. However, the excellent performance of Acrylic must be fully reflected through the superb craftsmanship; our company has rich experience in outdoor acrylic production experience, and the internal lighting of high brightness and cold yin lamp can be made. need.


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