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Every jewelry merchant wants designers to design high -end jewelry showcases, so how can design look tall? The Shenzhen showcase factory will share with you that the jewelry booth should be tall, considering many points. First consider the cooperation of styling, materials, and color. Secondly, combined with the connotation of the brand and the type of product, the jewelry booth does not exist independently.

Consider the cooperation of spatial design. Flowers also need green leaves to set off to highlight the charm of flowers. The dry goods on the high -end atmosphere on the high -end atmosphere are here.

Design of jewelry showcases 1. Affiliated materials for the production of exhibition cabinets are some of the decorations of the showcase, such as carving, inkjet painting, etc., which cannot be designed too fancy.

The effect of the material has the effect of embellishment. 2. The color design of the booth color should be simple in color design.

If the color changes are too much, it is easy to cause consumer visual fatigue. The use of standard colors in the corporate logo and its approximate color can solve the above problems very simple. The strong accuracy and simplicity, what kind of characteristics are there, what kind of color must be used to reflect it.

In addition to studying the basic rules of general space design, research people are visual physiology when viewing and display objects, and psychological processes are the basic prerequisite for the design of jewelry showcases. The design of jewelry showcases should make the customers look comfortable. It is naturally naturally naturally.

Jewelry storefront design 3. The lighting design of the display cabinet in the display cabinet light comes from the top light source. The inside of the display cabinet is mostly light light lighting to improve the overall brightness.

In order to supplement the light source, to improve the three -dimensional sense of the product, especially the jewelry booth, reflects the angular texture of the diamonds through the irradiation of the corner's shooting light or LED light, thereby stimulating the customer's desire to buy the purchase. The products sold in the jewelry store are more expensive, and it must highlight the crystal clear effect. The dazzling effect can set off the noble quality of the jewelry.

Taste. 4. Another principle of the selection of jewelery booths from the simplicity logo is simple for the color selection of the showcase.

It is not more than three colors like people with clothes. Harmonious colors make people positive, bright, relaxed, pleasant, disharmoniced, discordant The colors make people feel negative, depressed, heavy, fatigue. Jewelry showcase 5.

Jewelry showcase design Visual effects in the design of visual effects of jewelry showcases. Based on the commonality of visual behavior, the design of jewelry showcases should introduce many plane composition, three -dimensional composition, and color composition. Formed, the relatively complete design principles and rules.

The purpose of the design of jewelry showcases is to enable consumers to accept information most effectively in limited time and space. The design of the jewelry showcase is to effectively improve how to effectively improve and display the efficiency and quality of the activities of activities. ongoing.

Of course, the above -mentioned tall jewelery booth design is aimed at the public. If you want to design a truly tall jewelery booth, you should pay attention to starting from yourself. It is the best, the highest on the top!.


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