Jewelry showcases show the theme of color control display themes

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The theme of the jewelry display cabinet is mainly displayed and expressed its display content through color display. When the theme color is applied to the brand's theme characteristics, it is necessary to convey its theme display through the use of color and styling to convey the use of color and shape. Features, set out the inherent characteristics of its brand products, and then achieve the purpose of its product display and promotion.

Jewelry display cabinet 1. The use of color temperature to express the theme characteristics of the theme. Color is a sense of temperature.

The warm color system is prone to the psychological feeling of stretching, active, and expansion. The cold color system is generally prone to tightening. Using color has the characteristics of temperature, you can make full use of this psychological characteristics when displaying the theme of the product.

2. Use the excitement of color to highlight the different colors with different theme characteristics to make people have different emotional feelings, or excitement or quiet. Usually the warm color such as red, orange, and yellow is high and high, and the saturation is high.

The contrast is strongly excited. On the contrary, the coldness of the cold color such as blue, green, and purple is low, and it is weak to give people a sense of calmness. Modern jewelry showcases make full use of high -tech means to enable audiences to participate in interaction to achieve the purpose of the showcase.

Among them, the principle of color stimulation to mobilize the emotions of the visitors as one of the important means. Jewelry showcases 3. Use color comparison to highlight the changes in display cabinets.

Generally speaking, the quality of high -end exhibits is exquisite and exquisite. To improve the effect of high -quality exhibits and the exhibits of such exhibits, the gorgeousness, quality, fashion, etc. produced by color comparison should be used to fully express the characteristics of the taste of the exhibits.

For example, exhibitors of those exhibits such as gold and silver jewelry, high -end cosmetics, high -end famous watches, craft gifts, etc., rely on the contrast of color to set off the high product feeling of the exhibits. In this strong contrast, the exhibits showing the display cabinet highlighted and noble, making the exquisite and noble theme more prominently displayed.

4. In the use of color and materials to complete the needs of the styling, the jewelry showcase is in the design of the styling design. When using a combination of various materials, the inherent color of the material has become a unique element for color use.

Many materials are based on different colors. There is also the transformation of the pattern and the mechanism of the surface of the surface. As the same black, the black wood paint can be combined with black wood paint with black glass in the display cabinet.

These two kinds of black will have completely different surface effects. .


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