Jewelry showcase production process requirements

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

Jewelry showcase is made of environmentally friendly wooden board materials. It is made of special fireproof board and various decorative materials and glass hoods. For some of the more valuable commodity jewelry, there is no fixed standard.

The showcase company can be used as a standard shape or heteroid jewelry showcase according to the needs of the product and the ground location. Today, I will introduce the construction process of the jewelry display cabinet: the construction specifications of the oily application of the jewelry showcase, the grinding grassroots is an important process for paint paint. Shangrun oil powder is also an important process for the paint paint.

Apply it with cotton -dipped oil on the surface of the wood during construction, rub it back and forth with your hands, and wipe the oil powder into the wooden eyes of the wood. When applying the oil, the hand holding oil should be easily and natural, and the fingers should be gently and forcefully. When applying brushes, you should follow the requirements of more diplomas, getting less oil every time, and diligence when operating.

Construction of vertical operation methods. The construction specifications of the surface of the jewelry display cabinet are mixed with oil. In the grassroots treatment, in addition to cleaning the grassroots miscellaneous objects, local putty should be carried out.

Before applying the surface layer, apply paint slices (insect glue) to the back cover with large color differences and wooden signs with large color differences and wooden fats. Apply oil or clearing at the grassroots level, and brush the dry oil layer evenly all parts of all parts, you can not miss it. After the base oil is dry, the first pass is full of putty.

After drying, it is polished by handmade sandpaper, and then the high -strength putty is supplemented. The putty is based on the silk. When painting the face layer paint, you should polish it with fine sandpaper first.

Jewelry window display cabinet variety paint construction process: cleaning wood surface→Snamed paper light→Shangrun Poor→Grinding bean→The first time the putty is scraped, the sandpaper is polished→Full scrape the putty for the second time, thin sand paper polished→Paint→Brush the first paint→Find color replenishment putty, fine sand paper polishing→Brush the paint for the second time, thin sand paper polish→Brush the third dick and polish→Position the water sandpaper to polish the light, wax, and polish. Mixed -color paint construction process: first clean the dust on the surface of the grassroots, repair the grassroots→Flat→Lacquer slices of scars→Broken bonitr→Coated oil→The first time is full of stabbed putty→Grind→Paint the bottom coating→The bottom coatings are dry and hard→Coating surface layer→Repair of replenishment putty→Wipe the third, paint through the paint for the second time, paint→Grind→Third daily face paint→Polishing and waxing. Note: The grassroots treatment of jewelry showcases must be constructed as required to ensure that surface paint paint will not fail.

Clean up the surrounding environment and prevent dust from flying. Because the paint has certain toxicity and has a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, we must pay attention to ventilation during construction.


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