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Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

In traditional concepts, the production of jewelry showcases cannot be done“Buy the bead”In terms of things, the production of jewelry showcases cannot cover the light of jewelry. Today I have some new views on this and share it with everyone. I think: jewelry showcase production should be“Buy the bead“Essence Before explaining this sentence.

Let's get familiar with it first“Buy the bead”The original text and interpretation of this idiom. The original text of Zaki Jewelry showcases is as follows: Chu people sell their pearls to Zheng, as the cabinet of Mulan, to be carpen, pepper, pearl jade, roses, and served with Yu Cui. Zheng people buy it and return their beads.

This can be described as good selling, but it is not good to be good. The translation is as follows: In ancient times, a businessman in Chu was sold in Zheng Guo. He made a very beautiful wooden box for jewelery with extremely precious wood, made the box with a variety of precious materials, embellished with a variety of jewelry and treasure jade, decorated with beautiful jade, and used emeralds to connect with jadeite.

A Zheng Guoren bought the box of this jewelry, but returned the jewelry in the box to him. It can be said that this jewelry merchant is very good at selling boxes, not good at selling jewelry. The meaning of the fable does not leave the jewelry showcase is ironic that things are not upside down.

I agree with this. Can the production of jewelry display cabinet be made in reality? I think it is possible, the reason is as follows: 1. With the change of people's consumption concepts, people now improve their brand awareness.

No matter how beautiful the jewelry showcase is made, it will not cover the glory of the jewelry. Therefore, the more exquisite the jewelry showcase is made, but the exquisiteness I am talking about is not a whistle, it is exquisite and beautiful. 2.

The more exquisite jewelry showcases can set off the extraordinary jewelry and greatly enhance consumers' willingness to buy. 3. The consumption concept of customers has changed.

It is believed that the jewelry showcases are so beautiful. Can jewelry not good? 4. Now the jewelry market is increasingly competitive, and all manufacturers are working hard to work, brand, and culturalization.

Customers enter the jewelry shop, and at first glance, we can see the jewelry showcase, and then we can see the jewelry. Why can't we make the work in detail and make the jewelry showcase, so that the customer thinks that each of us is very good Woolen cloth? Golden Bear Watch Showcase is my opinion, in fact“Buy the bead”The meaning of this idiom is right, but it depends on the specific treatment. Times are changing, and the market is changing.

We always report the old and old concepts to do things and be eliminated by the market. So I want to say that jewelry showcases need to be done“Buy a pupae and jewelry”This is what I made for jewelry showcases“Buy the bead”New solution.


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