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Regarding the cost and profit of the production cost and profit of jewelry showcases, the company is often calculated repeatedly. If this work is not done well, not only will the production and production progress of the showcase factory be blocked, but it will also affect its production quality; because the showcase factory is also unlikely to make a sale of money. As soon as the production cost of the Jewelry showcase of Zhou Jinsheng Jewelry, many people must only say that it is not just a little material fee.

We can only use the layman to describe this kind of words. Material cost is only a small part of cost. If you want to really understand the cost of making jewelry showcases, you have to start with the design and production of the showcase.

Since the order gets the customer's order, the cost has begun. First of all, for the request made by customers, the showcase factory must send designers to on -site investigation and communication. If necessary, they must travel to the site to confirm with the customer.

Then the customer will pay the design deposit. With the renderings, various modifications and communication must be confirmed in the middle to confirm the design plan. Sometimes there are space decoration design schemes, etc.

After the Saturday Fook Jewelry Showcase Program is determined, it can be produced. When the jewelry showcase is done, transportation is another major event, and not to mention the technology of the carrier and the carrier master. It is also unexpected; later on -site installation and debugging are also a complicated process, and it may also consume a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources.

After you understand the process of this series, you will not say that the production cost of the jewelry showcase is only the material fee. Millennial star jewelry showcases As for the profit space of the jewelry showcase, there is no way to narrate here. Because while calculating the cost, we are considering how to increase the larger profit space in this link.

In fact, the production link of each showcase may find greater profit margins. The key is that in the process, an excellent team that needs to be cultivated in one go to complete the task. With the rise in prices, in recent years, the cost of the jewelry display cabinet has increased significantly a lot.

How to improve the profit space more effectively. The situation of its own business, make a reasonable quotation, every aspect of the showcase's work is best to achieve the best, reduce rework, modify, damage and other accidents, naturally can greatly increase your profit space. For more knowledge of jewelry display cabinets, please follow http://www.


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