Jewelry showcase design and production considerations

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

There are many types of showcases. Classification usually exhibits and high -end showcases. If you refine it, you can be divided into clothing showcases and jewelry showcases.

The intention of the design of jewelry showcases is to enable the audience to accept information most effectively in limited time and space. Therefore, the design of the jewelry showcase is based on how to effectively improve the power and quality of the performance of the activity. In addition to showing the design of the environment itself, the design of the target furnishing method is also an important part of the design of the jewelry showcase.

Therefore, in addition to discussing the fundamental law of space design, the discussion is the fundamental prerequisite for the design of the visual physiology and psychological process when appreciating the goal. The use of straight lines, curves, circles, triangles, and rectangles is the most foundation visual element. Straight lines are the most common phenomenon in vision.

It is also one of the most widely used visual elements in the design of jewelry showcases. Using proper straight lines will have a clear visual effect. The use of proper curves in the display can have a rich role in the entire role, creating a change of rhythm and rhythm.

From the perspective of geometry, Yuan is a shape surrounded by a connected curve. The interval between each point from each point on the curve and the center of the shape is flat. From the perspective of the design of the jewelry showcase, the shape that is often useful or wrong is both solid disk or so hollow ring.

The use of the original shape should enable all parts to effectively reconcile. The use of triangles or diamond cone shadows can occur in the design of jewelry showcases. In the composition, a set of different orientation triangles can be placed into asymmetric triangle groups in composition.

There is a generous and narrative change. In the rectangle in the display, there are two shapes in practice, that is. This is also one of the most common ways to show practice.

The design and manufacturing of the exhibition cabinet design is the overall design and manufacturing. When the design involves design, the demand is special, so that the merchants and consumers are bright. They must have an outstanding visual effect.

Different showcases have different design ideas and design methods. When the designer uses the design plan to choose the best disposal, it must also create the characteristics of the outstanding showcases of multiple plans. The reason why innovation is the most important thing because most of the products that are all over the thousands of people have long people.

Everyone is already aesthetically fatigue. If a new thing that can attract our attention is expected, only the goods are expected. No grades? A good jewelry showcase design also needs to combine the fashion, style and taste of the local business environment! Intersection In contemporary, design and production of showcases need to reflect these views, the concept of comprehensive concepts, time and space, human -oriented concepts, ecological concepts, information concepts, systemic concepts, and high -tech concepts.


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