Jewelry showcase custom price differentiation analysis

Author:DG Master-museum showcases manufacturers

The wooden showcase is the mainstream in the mall product showcase. Due to the strong plasticity of the wooden showcase, the manufacturer of the showcase can be tailored to the showcase according to the customer's requirements. As far as the current showcase market is concerned, whether it is the price of the showcase or the quality of the showcase, it can be said that.

Sometimes the material is the same, but the appearance of the showcase that looks like a few times is far from the same price, but the price is far from each other. why is that? Customers who don’t understand often ask such questions. In fact, there are many reasons, such as process differences, material differences, etc.

Good showcases, from the choice of board, to the requirements of the process, each process is often rigorous. 1. Selection of board selection quality plates are the first factor to ensure quality.

First of all, you must make accurate choices for the chosen of the relevant departments. For example, the board of the load -bearing parts such as bookshelves can be used. Second, the quality of the relevant board must also be controlled.

For example, the quality of the fine core board is diverse, which is far from the difference. 2: Noodle process: Different plates require different decorative processes. For example, the texture of the texture of the texture and the panel, then you can use the varnish.

And the poor wooden board or ordinary splint surface without the panel, then you need to use the oil mixed oil. On the other hand, if you use a varnish, then you should choose a better -looking solid wood or panel. And if you use hybrid, you only need to choose ordinary plates.

The method of using noodles and mixed oil can only be paved with money. 3. Treatment of nail eyes: In terms of nail eye treatment, it belongs to the category of paint workers.

As the saying goes, "three parts, seven parts dressing. "This sentence is more typical in the woodworking type. Now the decoration of most doors uses the processing board, and the process of shooting nails is used during construction.

How to deal with these nails has become a raised topic. This requires a very rigorous position for the giving color, so that the color after coloring is basically the same as the wood surface, so as to cover up these shortcomings. The same treatment is also applicable to the treatment of tree festivals and tree scars.

In the overall shape of the shopping cabinet, the main symbol and process processing of each mall showcase are required. For example, in a mall showcase, there is no square pillar, some are round, otherwise it will appear very uncoordinated. At the same time, the details of the details of each shopping mall exhibition cabinet are consistent.

In the paint color, in terms of materials, it is necessary to maintain its consistency. After selecting the shopping mall exhibition cabinet after the renovation is completed, in addition to considering the combination of the shop showcase and the effect of the decoration, the actual situation of the place where the shop showcase is placed. .


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